5 tips to reduce the price of your car insurance

The cost of auto insurance varies greatly from driver to driver. Regardless of your insurance profile, you can still lower your premium by changing your habits and accepting small sacrifices over the extent of your coverage.

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A dozen main criteria play on the amount of auto insurance. According to the study conducted by the broker AcommeAssure for Le Particular (see how does the price of car insurance vary?), the bonus, the city of residence and the occupation of the insured are discriminating criteria. But do not try to cheat with your insurer about this data: if you make a false statement, it will refuse to compensate you in case of disaster. Your age is also important: young drivers under the age of 25 are heavily penalized. Among the ages of 25 and 60, the amount of the premium varies little. “But beware, the rates fly off quickly from 61 years,” warns Arnaud Giraud on, president of AcommeAssure.com. The type of vehicle is also a parameter that counts, but only if it stands out (high-end cars, sports …). For most French-brand cars, premium differences are modest. And they do not automatically depend on the price of the vehicle. “The Citroën Berlin go is; for example, cheaper to ensure that the Renault Twinge, while the first is worth at least 50% more than the second to purchase, analysis Arnaud Giraud on. This is because the cost of insurance also depends on flight statistics. But the Twinge is more often stolen than the Berlin go. “So, if your budget is close-fitting and you hesitate between several models to purchase, ask your insurer which will cost you the least to insure. Finally, the age of the vehicle has little impact on the premium. To reduce your premium, here are 5 easy tips to implement without sacrificing much on the amount of collateral.

Increase the amount of your deductible

Some insurers offer to reduce your premium if you agree to pay a higher deductible in the event of a claim. At Axa, for example, a deductible increase of 50% corresponds to a 15% rate decrease. This choice will be successful if you do not have any responsible damage for a period of between 5 and 7 years. “Avoid broken ice breaks at 0 €. This is often a miscalculation. On a Renault Mégane, for example, this option costs € 33 per year, while the franchise is € 70 without the option. Accepting to pay a franchise in case of breakage of ice is less expensive in the end because the policyholders rarely play this guarantee more than once every 3 years, “insists Arnaud Giraudon.

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Reduce the scope of your guarantees

Taking out an all-risk contract is reassuring, but expensive. You can save money by reducing the level of your guarantees. Between the all-risk formula and the third-party formula, an extended third-party formula may suffice. This covers, in general, the bodily injury of the driver, the fire, the theft and the breaking of ice, even in the absence of a responsible third party.

On the other hand, for other damage caused by accident, the extended third party will not cover you in the absence of a responsible third party, contrary to the all-risk formula. You will earn more than 30% on the amount of your premium (about a hundred euros per year) by making this choice. A profitable operation if you do not have a responsible accident for 3 years.

Go to the small rider package

If you do not use your vehicle on a daily basis, you can save money without affecting your warranties. Ask your insurer if it offers a small rider package. As long as you do not exceed the mileage set by the company (from 5,000 to 9,000 km/year, in general), you will get 10 to 40% off your premium. The Amaguiz broker offers a billing per kilometer, very interesting if you drive less than 5,000 km per year (see Auto Insurance: lower the premium not guarantees ). Other insurers such as Matmut offer a discount if you leave your car in the garage in winter (from December 1st to March 1st).

Exclude your business trips

If you never use your vehicle to go to your workplace, consider reporting it to your insurer. Your premium will then drop by 6% on average.

Pay your premium in one go

Ask your insurer to change the frequency of payment of your insurance premium. Better to pay in one go. It will cost you 5% less, on average, than with the monthly payment.

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