6 Glass Board Installation Ideas For Educational Institutes

Glass boards have taken over the modern educational facilities. The conventional whiteboards that were used in teaching both practical and theoretical subjects have been completely replaced by the white magnetic and clear glass boards. The young students in k-12 are more comfortable learning using white magnetic boards due to the ability of the instructors to demonstrate different things while teaching. It is easy for educators to introduce graphical methods of teaching when there are white magnetic whiteboards in the classroom. Different installation techniques can be used to make your class look more modern as well as improve the learning abilities of your students in the long run. If you are looking to identify different ideas on how you can install the clear glass board in your classroom, this article is the right fit for you. Please read on to find out more.

Frameless Clear Glass Boards

The frameless clear glass boards within classrooms transform the space to look more contemporary and welcoming. The frameless clear glass boards introduce elegance and class in your teaching space. With the frameless design, you have ease in cleaning and installation. You only need the right size of the clear whiteboard and an experienced professional technician to help with the installation. Additionally, you do not need to struggle to look for expensive and elegant frames for your clear glass boards. With the frameless clear glass board, it would be best if it is fixed on the wall to avoid any form of damage to it.


Clear Glass Boards On A Movable Stand

Having clear glass boards that can be moved from one class to another can improve the convenience of educators who teach different classes within an educational institution. The clear glass boards are mounted on a movable stand, and they can be pushed around by the educator as require. For instance, an instructor can move with the glass board from their class to another class which they are to teach. This is more convenient if all the classes within your institution are not equipped with fixed clear glass boards.

Colored Clear Glass Board

Having colored white magnetic boards or clear glass board would transform your classroom environment to look modernized. This type of colored glass which is normally tempered gives our classroom a modernized look. The color chosen for your white magnetic glass board should however not make visibility difficult. In as much as you need to make your classroom look appealing and interesting, you need to ensure that you select a color which the students can see when they are written on.

White Magnetic Boards As Notice Boards

Within an educational institution, there is always the need for communication among the educators and the students. Having notice boards strategically placed within the institution or offices can help in making the communication more effective. White magnetic boards can be useful because they may allow the instructors to put on notices and hold them with the magnetic pins. Also, they can be written on instead of sticking the printed notices on them. This has made white magnetic boards a favorite among many educators in the modern learning institutions.

Floor To Ceiling Magnetic Whiteboards

Having enough space to write on while you are resting from your daily duties can help to foster creativity and innovation. In certain rooms in learning institutions, the management could install floor to ceiling magnetic whiteboards so that when the students are resting, they could brainstorm on different ideas. Brainstorming leads to the creation of ideas which could be executed within the school to improve the lives of students and the educators. Also, this type of white magnetic boards can be adopted for the meeting rooms in the institutions. When conducting meetings, there is always need to have pictorial representations of presentations. With the white magnetic boards, you will need to buy magnetic graphics from Fab Glass and Mirror which can be used for the presentations. The benefit of the magnetic graphics is that they can be freely moved on the board when presentations are being done. In common rooms designed for educators, you will also need this kind of setup so that you allow them to brainstorm and share on different ideas which boost their creativity in the long run.

White Magnetic Boards With Led Light

Having magnetic whiteboards in your institution is an upgrade to the aesthetics of the environment. Adding LED lights around the boards makes them catch the attention of the people using them or passing by. LED lighting can be installed on notice boards that are outdoors. When well lit, they can be noticed from a distance by students making it easy to pass important information to them in the long run. Embracing these ideas could turn your educational institution to something better that motivate the educators and the students.

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