Best last minute tips for GMAT


Even after preparing for GMAT for the last few months in a very diligent way, you might still feel like you need some extra last minute advice to help you before the test. If you are cramming for the test in the last moment then you will absolutely need these tips. No matter what, a few tips and tricks kept up your sleeve for an important exam can harm no one unless you are planning on cheating.

When you are preparing for GMAT in your early stages, you can take a GMAT live online prep course. These courses can help you learn a lot about the format of the test, time management skills and the type of questions that are most likely to come. Practise as much as you can and focus on the type of questions you find difficult. But don’t forget to make your strengths more strong.

Verbal study tips

  • For parallelism, make sure that all the verbs in the sentence given in the sentence correction section are in agreement. This means that all of them should be in the same tense.
  • Finding the split is another important tip that you should keep in your mind. In sentence correction the similar questions can be grouped together and you can remove the ones that do not make any sense.
  • You need to determine whether or not the sentence has a modifier. A modifier is a word that changes a different word or phrase. You need to make sure that the modifier is modifying the correct thing.
  • You need to read the passage very thoroughly for answering all the reading comprehension questions. Read the passage before you read the questions. Read the question while focusing o the main theme of the passage.
  • When you attempt the critical reasoning questions, don’t read the argument first. By reading the question stem first you will be able to figure out what type of question you are going to answer and then reading the argument will help you the best way to go about answering it.zenrom AD (1)

Quantitative study tips

In GMAT the quantitative section has geometry, arithmetic, word and algebra problems. You will learn a lot about all these parts in GMAT live training. These different sections test the different concepts in the student’s mind.

  • In data sufficiency questions you should not try to solve the questions even tough your first instinct might tell you to. Instead focus on the purpose of the question, which is to determine if the question asked is answered by the information provided.
  • You need to practise calculating simple maths quickly in your mind. During the test you should be able to do basic math very fast in your head or on a piece of paper. This is important because you are not allowed to carry a calculator in the exam hall.

Integrated reasoning tips

  • By practising

    a lot of problems you will get to about the format that is used in these types of questions. You will be able to answer the question much quickly if you are familiar with the format.

  • Get familiar with graphs as they are used in this section a lot.

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