The Best Tips from Suwit Muay Thai Training Camp in Thailand for Holiday

Planning  travel to Thailand for the ultimate fitness experience? There are many people interested in Muay Thai training gyms in Thailand; however, finding the right fit for your needs can mean all the difference to your workout and results. Traveling  to the home of Muay Thai means traveling for a challenging, intense and exciting fitness holiday. With a few simple travel tips, discover how to find the ideal gym and how to make your trip an adventure of a lifetime.

Thailand for Holiday

Before Traveling to Thailand

Before you choose your gym and travel to Thailand, it is important to prepare physically for the fitness challenges ahead. Muay Thai gyms create fun environments for all participants but also push you to exceed your limitations. From training and sparring on the weekend to 3 hour runs along the beach, you need to be reasonably fit to keep up, even in the beginner classes.

Pack What You Need

Thailand is a beautiful exotic country with tropical weather conditions. Be sure to pack light comfortable attire for your training routine and days spent sightseeing. For Muay Thai, participants are required to wear boxing gloves, shorts, lightweight T-shirts or vests and training shoes for those long runs, skip rope exercises and gruelling workouts.

Choosing a Muay Thai Gym

For an enjoyable and rewarding trip, choose a Muay Thai facility that will offer the real experience of the combat sport. Your authentic Muay Thai gym is run by experienced and skilled instructors. Every class level will be provided the attention needed to master the art of the intense combat sport.

Some Muay Thai gyms place emphasis on outdoor training from scenic runs along the island of Phuket to workouts on the beach. Others include city lifestyles with training performed at contemporary facilities. Depending on your interest and goals, select a gym that will help you achieve these and more.

When to Book

For the best Muay Thai holiday at Suwit Muay Thai training camp, visit the gym of interest and determine whether the trainers and the techniques incorporated complement your fitness goals. If you are traveling for health, weight loss and achieving incredible physical results, it is important to learn of programs that take place over a month or more. These extended programs will teach you the skills of Muay Thai. The martial art workouts accelerate weight loss and support incredible physical tone.  

Find a Muay Thai Program in Thailand to Reach Your Fitness Goals

A Muay Thai program in Thailand such as can be found at a professional training camp. For the holiday experience, your Muay Thai training camp includes accommodation and the opportunity to practice the sport every day of the week. Sparring events are held on the weekend. With the guidance of your Muay Thai instructor, you can achieve incredible health and fitness results. A professional and skilled trainer in Muay Thai guides all students through the technical footwork and the methods needed to advance. Only in Thailand will you find the powerful practices and experiences in Muay Thai provided by your authentic and professional training camp.

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