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High profile sports are meaningless without bookies. Of course, the trading is kept under the table, but bookies add fun to the game. Usually, professional sports like football and horse racing are highly played for beting. However, with changing time, various websites follow online betting and attract bookies to work through them in a safe manner. BetAC is one such website that provides exclusive sports betting options to its subscribers.

They are a broker service agent that helps the bettors make a secure payment. Usually while making payments, the banks or the other party asks for KYC documents that have a high risk of exposing the bookie and is considered quite an unsafe method.

With betAC, this risk is minimized to a significant level. They don’t ask for KYC, and you remain anonymous through and through. In fact, their customer service team assists you 24*7, with whatever kind of betting you are going to do.

With easy transaction process and only 5-minute amount withdrawal time frame, along with best new customer offers bookies have this website on their hit list.

The site also informs its users about the most useful betting offers today that makes it an attractive website all in all. You can do multiple betting at one time and from one account only, which is a big advantage. Their multi bet software gives the bookies best odds and matches, be it for soccer, football basketball, baseball or Hockey. They even have best odds for tennis. The multi bets can be utilized for both pre-games and in the running with high limits.

betAc also gives one more facility to its users who trade, i.e., BETFAIR. This particular facility has all the trading related software in it, and you can either use their software or your software too. And you won’t need to wait for 24 hours to withdraw from the account; it takes only five mins to do that. You won’t even need VPN services to or KYC if you use their Betfair product. They have launched their exchange, wherefrom you can settle your bets via Betfair account. Their payment options are many, namely through Neteller, Skrill, Astropay, Bank Transfer.

Recently launched, this website is creating waves by its features that are provided to its users. It’s safe, technology friendly and convenient to use. With so many offers too coming their way, the bookies find it very beneficial to place bets and trade through this website. It offers you the best bets and odds that will help you gain much more than you expect. Soon they would be launching betAC Pro which would be an even better version of the current one. To avail its services one must get registered on its website and provide with their bank details for security reasons, of course, their details are never shared with anyone. It’s a very simple form that the users have to fill in before they can avail the full services.

They have a full-time customer service center that is reachable by its users anytime, and they give their best to resolve customer queries.  The customer care executives themselves provide the bookies best offers for that day or the days to come.  If you take the services of this website, you would have the advantages of better betting coverage, better odds quality, live betting and many other advantages that other websites do not provide with. Unlike their early startup tie-ups, now they work with the big leagues of football including champions league, premiership and La Liga, live MLB betting, live basketball betting – NBA and NCAA – live tennis betting and live NHL betting.

Even for the basketball and tennis challenges, they provide their offers and services. The website also offers its users the alternative Asian view that enhances the betting experience.

With such a page set up, users get better odds to choose out, bet placement gets easier and all the sports are displayed properly. Of course, you get an option of switching your page view between Asian and classic.

The Pinnacle sport is fully reliable and has 100% credibility as reviewed by the users. In a very short span of time, they have built their trust and integrity with their clients by providing the best services a bookie service provider can offer.

Their own online game Sbobet is one of the leading games on the internet right now which says a lot about its popularity.

They have an easy to use a live betting system which is way exciting than other forms. They have also started with a live streaming offer that is currently in its nascent stage but surely would rise in no time.

With these special features laid down for the users, this website is current favorite of bookies.

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