Almost everyone is a bathroom singer in the world. But when in public they become shy that they cannot sing that well. Obviously, not everyone can have a magical voice. Everyone has a potential singer but to tune your vocal cords for that, one needs an immense amount of dedication and time. 

Autotune apps are just a substitute for this practice. In the era of computing and artificial intelligence, algorithms are so powerful that they can detect patterns and find adjust the mistake in the input. According to the mistake, they correct the voice. Not only the general public but many famous singers are using autotune software to boost their general performance. 

The best part of autotune apps is that one does not need to rely on heavy software and graphic cards for autotune singing. Android and ioS platforms are also supporting auto tune apps nowadays. They also provide very awesome karaoke options to make your song sound better. You can see some of the best autotune apps to boost your vocals and explore them individually to find the best match for you

How to autotune singing works:

Not everyone can sing at high pitch and notes. But scale changing often disrupts the feel of the song. One of the features of autotune apps is you can transpose the voice. It means that you sing at a lower scale and the app will automatically fit the signals of your voice to the scale you want to match. 

Signals are the basis of digital electronics and so the working principle of autotune apps. Signals can be altered by these kinds of apps. They analyze the waveform and check whether the signal is perfect or not. They adjust the pitch and frequency with respect to that. 

Things to consider before using autotune apps:

If you are a normal person and singing is just a side passion then autotune is perfect for you.

But if you are a singer and trying to pretend to be better than what you really are can sometimes be dangerous to your own practice. By using autotune software many singers are not stretching their vocal cords to the full. They are limiting their own possibilities. Scaling up to one or two scales is fine. But abrupt changes in the scales are never suitable for a singer as their voices will become heavily dependent on autotune singing. That is why singers should be extremely cautious about using these apps and software.

Benefits of Autotune apps:

  1. You don’t have to spend hours practicing and achieving high notes. Your voice can still sound the way you want. 
  2. Autotune apps also work on piano melodies and other instruments. You can add some major effects to sound it cool.
  3. The karaoke part makes the sound more interesting. By using autotune singing it becomes so simple as it already contains many preloaded karaokes.
  4. Many new artists are discovered through autotune apps as one can deliver great music through this app.

Final words:

This was all about autotune apps. Some of the autotune apps include Starmaker, Voice Synth, Micdroid and many more are mentioned in the link above about best autotune apps to boost your vocal cords. Most of these apps are free of cost but to access premium features, one has to pay a good amount of money. These apps are available on both android and ioS platforms. You can also post your work on their dashboards which is a general platform for all.

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