Content is King- Content Writing Jobs Are Future in 2019

Internet is a booming industry and with Internet comes information, which means “Content”.  While earlier content writing was limited only to newspaper writing for jobs, things have changed over the years with emergence of the Internet. It’s rightly been said that “Content is King”, “Content is Powerful”….Its content that sells and that helps to grow your brand, business, products and services. So, Content Writing Jobs are available for all industry domains. Content writing is growing up to be an interesting career option.

Every industry, be it Technology, Healthcare, Manufacturing, E-Commerce, Education, Mass Media, Business, Services etc. have their official websites which run on good content. Everything is available by the click of mouse which either make or break your business, which ultimately depends on how strong is your content on the website. So, there will never be any scarcity of content writing jobs in India or anywhere else in the world so long the Internet world survives.

Types of Content Writing Jobs

Depending on the organization that you are working for, Content writing jobs are of various types. You write for the website of an organization, you are a web content writer. When you write content with the objective of highlighting keywords for search engine optimization, then that field is SEO content writing. Similarly, you can write content for educational purpose, such as online courses, assignments, projects under Academic writing. There are technical content writing jobs for writing on topics which are highly technical. For newspapers, content writing jobs come under journalism. A tourism company will prefer a travel content writer, a health website will look for someone who are interested to study and write about health, medicines and diseases and so on. There are blog content writers, article writers, content writers for email marketing, for writing broadcasts and press releases etc.

For whom content writing job is suitable?

Anyone who has a flair of writing good English, anyone who has a passion for writing makes a good content writer. Content writing jobs are perfect for those who are capable to express their thoughts and opinions in words perfectly.  Of course, language skills, grammar, and vocabulary are essential requirements. The Internet provides ample scope to dig information and research but how you present the information in your own style of writing to attract the end users is important. Plus, along with a flair for writing, you also should have a flair for editing and should be able to present your content in a concise and an appealing way. So, not everyone can become good content writers.

Scope of content writing jobs in India          

Content writing jobs are highly in demand. For young graduates with good writing skills, this profile offers ample opportunities. With experience, a content writer can achieve higher position as content managers, digital marketing managers, and content head and so on. Content writers are required for all industries, organizations and businesses and are not restricted to newspapers and magazines only. Productive content is highly effective for any business. Brand promotion, promotion of products and services, marketing of any businesses is done through powerful content because it’s the website which gives the first-hand impression of your company. Enlightening and engaging content provides the business with the prospective customers.

There are plenty of content writing job opportunities in digital marketing, e-commerce and ITES. Advertising companies look for content writers to write productive promotional content. News writers are required in journalism. Media also looks for creative writers, copy writers. There are content writing jobs for social media marketing like Facebook, Twitter, etc. The best part of this job is that there are many professionals who can take up content writing jobs as part-time or as freelancing jobs. Many opportunities are available with many start-up companies to promote their product/service through content and digital marketing. Thus, there is a huge scope for growth for people pursuing a content writing career.

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