Now we all familiar with the fabrication works. Just take a look around you fabrication is used everywhere, this is a fabrication job. Today the fabrication is the trend because it is very easy to install and it gives a very beautiful look. Nowadays we are building a house or any premises the fabrication will play a role in any small place. The steel fabrication is very much helpful for the architectures to build or modified easily. We can see many buildings having different shapes or designs can easily be done with fabrication. Fabrication mainly in two types.

Fabrication Definition: Manufacturing process in which an item is made (fabricated) from raw or semi-finished materials instead of being assembled from ready-made components or parts.

Fabrication is used for many purposes not only used in buildings it is also used for many purposes like making any cage, storage etc. The material used for fabrication is mainly in aluminum and steel. The world famous Eiffel Tower, Paris is fully made up fabrication work. Like this, there are plenty of examples for fabrication. The aluminum and steel material is high in recycling too. Most of the things are using today is made with the iron material. Metal became an unavoidable thing in our life.

Fabrication is ruling the trend today. Just look around you, all the buildings or houses have minimum one fabrication work. By the innovation of fabrication the construction or architecture designs and ideas are totally changed, it gives really an elegant look for every premises.Fabrication is actually a new choice for the designers. The growth of metal fabrication is really helpful for the steel fabrication companies. Because of this growth, many steel companies started their own steel fabrication works. And the steel supply increase when the user increases. Many people started doing business in steel or metal industry. Steel manufacturers getting more business and steel product supply is became the most profitable business too.

Metal fabrication classified mainly into two types,


Steel is a material that we are using in our daily life. We may never notice that most things we are using are made with steel. For example, the utensils in the kitchen, car, electronic devices all are made with steel. Maybe because of that the use of steel fabrication is increasing. Steel is a metal that derived from iron. Steel is a strong and durable material, that’s why the importance of steel fabrication is increasing. The steel fabrication includes welding, cutting, grinding etc. We can make different architecture designs using steel fabrication. Stainless steel is a part of steel having chromium coating.


After iron aluminum is the most using metal in the world. Today aluminum fabrication is familiar for everyone like aluminum. Aluminum fabrication is also like steel fabrication but it is less costly than steel and it is little lighter than steel. Aluminum is commonly used material like the foil paper for cooking, Aluminium utensils, aluminum sheets etc. Aluminum is a material that dust proof than any other material. The aluminum alloys are widely using today for automotive parts, airplane parts, construction use etc. In an office or anywhere the separation we can easily do with aluminum fabrication, By this, we can arrange the separation according to our needs.

Below following are the different types of fabrication,

  • Steel Fabrication
  • Steel structure fabrication
  • Structural steel fabrication
  • Steel construction fabrication
  • Structural steel erection & installation
  • Stainless steel fabrication works
  • Architectural steel fabrication works
  • Waste water treatment fabrication works
  • Aluminum fabrication works
  • Steel structures fabrication
  • Garbage chutes fabrication
  • Steel fabricators for Recycling water plant, Pipe fittings
  • Fabrication repair, welding, maintenance works
  • Customized structural steel fabrication works

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