Have More Fun With Nine-pin Bowling

Nine-pin Bowling

Nine-pin is a bowling game in which players try to score points by rolling a bowling ball down an alley towards nine-pin standing at the end of the bowling lane. The sport of nine-pin had become very popular in the 20th century with the founding of German Nine-pin Bowling Association. There are four different kinds of lanes: there, classic, deal-board and ten pin bowling lanes. The object and purpose (knock down as many pins as possible) of the game is same for all types of lanes. The only difference is that the bowling techniques are quite diverse in each kind of bowling lanes.

Classic Lane

The delivery board in classic lane is made of linoleum and it will be 0.35 m wide and 5.50 m long. The surface is made of synthetic material or asphalt and has a width of 1.50 m. The surface must be in a horizontal and completely smooth. This type is prominent in the south Germany and it is widely used in other countries including Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein.

Deal-Board Lane

The delivery board is 5.50 m long and 0.35 m wide and the surface of the lane is made of synthetic material or wood. The delivery board of deal-board lane has a channel in the center. Due to the size of the bowling channel in the center of the lane, it is not possible to knock down remaining pins and full sets of pins come into play again. Ninepin bowling is usually played on deal-board lanes in north Germany as well as in Poland, Namibia, and Denmark. The particular rule for the game of ninepin bowling on deal-board lane is that the bowling path must be altered after every 25 bowls.

Scherer Lane

The scheme lane is also known as scissor-type lane and is common in the West Germany, Brazil, Italy, France, and Benelux. The sport of ninepin bowling on their lanes combines bowling with the full set of pins, remaining pins with the rule of changing bowling paths.

Ten-pin Bowling Lane



A tenpin bowling lane is entirely different from the above three ninepin bowling lanes. In the ten-pin bowling lane, ten pins are used instead of nine pins. The delivery board of ten-pin bowling lane consists of the entire width of the lane and the approach area. The lane used in this ten-pin bowling is usually made of wood. This lane has a horizontal surface and an area of 18.30 m length and 1.05 m width.

Nine-pin bowling is mainly played as a team game and a team consists of four or six players. Single and doubles championships are also held. Nine-pin or ten-pin bowling is one of the most popular sports items in the national level championships.

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