How To Get Visitor Information On Your Magento Store

Magento store

Marketing is an important part of any business. For the marketing to be effective, you need to know the target customer base for your products. The number of visitors that make it into your site will often give you an idea of who is aware of your site. Depending on the visitor information, you will be able to suit the promotions and marketing strategy to woo the right customers. Gathering visitor information for the e-commerce store is highly important. The visitor reports will give you information on what products are preferred by a higher number of people and you will also be able to understand the geographical sales distribution your store is achieving. If your e-commerce store is using Magento systems, you have the option to use the many extensions available to get the information on visitors who visit your store.


What should be included in the visitor report? A Magento store visitor report is not greatly useful if it only holds the data on a number of visitors without additional information on the visitors. The reports should certainly have details of the stock keeping units or SKUs for each product that is sold. The sales charts will come in handy for the business owner to analyze and make decisions on stock keeping and further purchases. It is necessary that a report can be generated that will show the sales depending on the time limit specified. For instance, it should be possible to generate a sales report that gives the number of visitors who made purchases in the last month. It should also have the possibility to differentiate the sales made by new customers and returning customers. Different kinds of sales charts should be made available. A visitor report for Magento which will show the profit made on every order for a particular query will be useful for the owner to decide on the marketing strategy and order placements. It will be also possible to add a block to the website that shows the number of visitors that have visited the website in a certain amount of time or the number of visitors who are currently browsing the store. Further details like what purchases were made in the past hour or the last five purchases can also be shown in a block. These data will be available through the Magento visitor reports generated.

Magento store

You will be able to schedule the reports at a regular interval or you will be able to get a report generated at any time you require. The report generating module can also be configured to send the reports over a mail or through file transfer at preset times. You should choose a report generating an app that can give you reports which can be used outside Magento too. The report module should be easy to install and configure into the existing system. Magento is already a resource intensive digital marketing with the app, hence the additional features should not take up much of the system resources or slow down the performance. Once a report is generated, it should be possible to download the report as many times as required without having to generate it again.


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