The Growing Importance of Freelancer Jobs in India

The concept of gig economy is slowly gaining pace in India’s job market, though adopting a complete flexible work model will take some more time. Today, with increase stress and competitions in work life, the millennials prefer a comfortable work life where they can have a perfect balance between work and personal life. Thus, there has been a growing importance of freelancer jobs in recent time.


Types of Freelancer Jobs

Freelancer jobs are wide and varied. While the IT sector remains at the top for recruiting freelancers, there are other industries and sectors as well which offer freelancing opportunities. The various fields in which there are freelancer jobs are as follows:

  • Education
  • Tutoring
  • Writing
  • Translation
  • Transcription
  • Editing
  • Web and graphic design
  • Consulting
  • Accounting and finance
  • Healthcare
  • Sales and marketing etc.

Nowadays, employers prefer to hire freelancers rather than regular employees and give short-term projects.


Benefits for Employers –
Employers who believe in the concept of freelancing provides opening for freelancer jobs as these jobs offer a lot of benefits to them up-front. For instances:

  • Employers save time and money by recruiting freelancers
  • There are no costs involved in annual training of employees
  • No extra costs required in providing infrastructure and workspace
  • No additional expenses required in providing health insurance, and other benefits and allowances to the freelancers
  • There are no workplace complications
  • No commitments to keep employees on a permanent basis
  • Freelancers excel at short-term projects with on-time delivery
  • Freelancers bring with them wider range of experience and skills that many full-time employees lack etc.

Benefits for Employees in Freelancer Jobs

Most young professionals as well as the senior experienced professionals are opting for freelancer jobs, especially the women professionals. Why? Needless to say, a freelancing job brings with it a large number of benefits for the freelancers. For instances:

  • Freelancer jobs can be done anywhere. Freelancers can work from home or any other remote places as per their convenience.
  • They can work in any time of their choice depending on the time frame in which they need to deliver their projects or works.
  • They can take up as many projects as they want to and this gives them a scope to earn more.
  • They can pick up projects as per their skills and capabilities without any compulsion.  Hence, they remain highly motivated and successful with their skillsets.
  • Freelancer jobs allow the employees to enjoy and love what they do, and hence they work more efficiently than a regular full-time employee.
  • Freelancers do not have to commute to their offices. This saves them time and energy to be more productive in their work from home.
  • They do not have to bear additional expenses as the regular office goers, and hence they can save more money
  • Freelancing jobs also allow them to follow their hobbies and passion. They get time for other activities as well besides their office work.
  • Freelancer jobs allow the employees to maintain a perfect balance in their life and work which is an essential requirement in today’s time.

Growing importance

Nowadays, there has been a growing trend for freelancing. With more and more use of the Internet and the advancement of technology, freelancer jobs are on the rise. It has become easy today for professionals to become self-employed and work independently as per their skill, experience, talent and convenience. And at the same time, freelancers can generate a high income.

In our country, initially it was the start-ups who hired freelancers to reduce costs. But nowadays, many MNCs, consulting firms, and large and small enterprises are embracing the concept of freelancer jobs. According to a latest report, more than 500 organizations surveyed are opting for flexible talent in the next five years. Indian professionals are now being recruited by some of the world’s 350 million businesses in freelancing opportunities through various platforms. India is expected to become one of the prominent gig economies globally. The global flexible job and gig economy is valued at $335 billion by 2025.

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