Home Remedies for Cough

Home remedies for cough:

There will be no cough and sore throat. Cold and sore throat have been strained since the winter. Both of them have effective home remedies. Let’s see what they are:


Everyone knows that honey is effective for sore throat. It has been found to be good for cough too. Add a little lemon juice to a little hot water and add two tablespoons of honey. Or you can take one spoon honey.


Do you know pineapple is a solution for cough? Pineapple can help to get rid of the cough. You can eat pineapple pieces or drink 3.5 pounds of fresh pineapple juice.


The mint leaf, which is easily available in the house, helps to get rid of the cough and the throat pain. Menthol found in mint leaf is good for cough. You can take mint leaf with tea also. To get rid of cough, two or three drops of pepper oil, stir to warm water. Cover the head with the cloth and breathe the steam.

Gargle with salt water:

This is the easiest technique. Put half tease spoon of salt in 8 ounce hot water. Gargle this water is good for cough, sore throat and headache. But it is not good for children under age six. They may ask for other ways.

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