How To Spend A Weekend In Manchester


Manchester is an exciting city of United Kingdom. It is the financial hub of Lancashire. It is an important center of global education, entertainment, finance, arts, media, and higher education. It has a museum complex on River pool Road. City’s entertainment and sports facilities have been extended so that the tourists should come more and more. They must visit the city. You can see the Opera House and Chill Factor for viewing amusing theatrical and music performances. Manchester has also the largest ski slope. The city is home to many national and international brands. Many of the people book online flights for Manchester. Mostly, they search for PIA Airline Ticket Price for traveling to Manchester because PIA providing very good services to their customers. 

Most of the people stayed at Piccadilly Gardens NCP Car Parking. You can also search for other kinds of car parking. Finally, the tourist has to spend 1 hour and 12 min at the Manchester Arable Centre Car Park. There is very much traffic jam. The city is full of amazing hotels and tourists like to stay here. You can also book the hotels for staying there for nights and day. In this day, you have the opportunity of buying items and clothes. 

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There Are Many Tourist Attractions In Manchester Of Whom We Would Like To Talk About.

Spinning Fields

It is one of the most attractive and beautiful districts of Manchester. It is also known as the economic hub of the city. There are many national and multinational restaurants located in this region. It is a great business and retail center. People from different countries come to visit this gorgeous location. 


It is actually the oldest road in Manchester and runs from south to north. There are the following locations which can be visited by you.

  •   John Ryland’s Library
  •   Manchester Cathedral
  •   Beetham Tower

Visitors want to increase their knowledge and historical information. The UK had played an important role in global politics. 


It is located north of Manchester. Industrial Revolution has taken place in this city which has brought economic changes in the cities of the United Kingdom. It was the first industrial region in contemporary history. There are many kinds of industrial developments. This area is full of regional developments. Many of the residential areas are developed here. Most of the people like to stay here for the purpose of traveling and tourism. They actually want to stay for a longer period of time. 

Northern Quarter

Northern Quarter is a popularly known place to the people. It is full of arts, quirky cafes and different kind of bars. Most of the people who enjoy drinks approach this area for the purpose of traveling and tourism. 

St. Peter Square 

It is a civic region and has the following landmarks in itself.

  •   Town Hall
  •   Central Library       
  •   Cenotaph

This square is famous for the Peterloo Massacre when 60K people protested for reforms of parliamentary representation in 1819.

Castle Field    

A Roman field is located in Castle Field region. It is the only region which has only Urban Heritage Park in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Manchester is one of those regions which is for each and every people kind of people. Whenever you will visit Manchester, you must give some time for traveling and tourism.

Museum of Science and Industry

Museum of Science and Industry is located on the oldest railroad stations. You can see the 12 galleries. Power Hall is also included in this museum. You will see the old rail engines which were used in the 19th Century. Some of the oldest made cars are also put on the display so that you watch them. They are placed on the automotive section. You will find various historical items. 

There is another gallery which is named as Air and Space Gallery. You will see different aircraft and their replicas which were first used for the purpose of flying and traveling.

There is a category whose name is the Imperial War Museum. It contains different exhibitions relating to war and defense. There are numerous kinds of tanks, aircraft, weapons, and artillery. 

National Football Museum

National Football Museum is the museum for the football lovers. It is one of the greatest museums which are located in the city of Manchester. You will be able to find historic clothing, trophies, and clothing. You will also find ancient videos of football matches.   

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