How to Listen to Android Phone Call Remotely

Android PhoneDo you find your husband retreating to the other room whenever his phone rings? Are you worried about your teenage girl who has started receiving calls from someone you are not familiar with? From a suspicious wife to an anxious mom, many of us are concerned about the mobile phone use of our significant ones. With the prevalence of the communication technologies, it has become simpler to connect with people around the world. At the same time, this technology does not just dramatically increase the potential of infidelity but also make it convenient for the scoundrels to reach and victimize our children. In this post, we are talking about how someone can listen to someone else’s phone calls remotely either to catch the cheating husband or to protect teenagers and underage children from the predators.

How to Listen to Android Phone Calls Remotely

To listen to the phone calls of your spouse or children, you need an Android Spy application. There are hundreds of parental control applications and monitoring software for Android devices on Google Play Store and alternative sources that let you keep an eye on the activities performed on the target device. Once you install that app on the phone of your target, you can track each and every phone call made or received on that device without taking that phone in possession.

Android PhoneThe monitoring app does not just allow you to listen to the incoming and outgoing calls of your significant ones but also let you record and then download these calls for further use. You can have the name and number of the person who has made the call or to whom the phone call is made. The time, date and duration of each incoming, outgoing and missed call can be traced with these apps. This is not just limited to listening and recording. There are some advanced spy applications that empower users to interrupt the live incoming and outgoing calls. Isn’t it amazing?

While there are scores of monitoring apps, it can be hard for someone to pick out the one that worth your money. Get your hands on the most advanced and feature-rich app TheOneSpy. This app allows you to watch out your loved ones without giving them any hint that they are being stalked by you. You may uninstall a spying app remotely.

Read on to know how you can listen to android phone calls remotely using TheOneSpy following a few simple steps.

Step 1

Download and install the app on the target Android mobile phone or tablet. During the installation process, you will be asked to hide or unhide the app icon; hiding icon is recommended. After the installation of the app, you will be able to spy on phone calls without taking that device into possession again.

Step 2

Now you need to log into the TOS user control panel to listen to the phone calls on the target device. Run the internet browser on your computer or mobile device and enter in the address bar.

Step 3

Click the Login button and enter your confidential username and password to log into the TOS dashboard.

Step 4

You will have the main menu on the left side of the web page. Scroll through to find the Recorded Calls option. Tap on it to listen to each incoming and outgoing call. You can either listen to the live call at real-time or can get these calls recorded and downloaded to listen later. The name and phone number of the caller with the call time and duration will be visible in front of each call log.

We hope you would have found this piece of writing helpful in learning the easiest and reliable way to listen to Android cell phone calls remotely. You can download TheOneSpy android spy to listen to incoming and outgoing calls remotely. Meanwhile, remote computer monitoring is also being possible through TheOneSpy mobile and computer monitoring solutions.

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