How to Manage Time for the GMAT Exam.

Students who wish to pursue business courses abroad should take up the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). It has been observed that students that are serious about business school must give the GMAT rather than the GRE because it gives a positive impression to the business schools. These schools are capable of comprehending the ability of the candidate to become successful in the business program by analysing their GMAT score. By acquiring the best GMAT coaching, any determined candidate can crack the GMAT and get an admission into their desired business school.

The best time to book the test

  • The best thing about GMAT is its easy availability. The exam is available on many days throughout the year, unlike standardized tests such as SAT and ACT. Candidates living in big cities can enjoy the benefits of having GMAT almost every day.
  • However, this availability comes with certain restrictions. The GMAT can be given only 8 times in a candidate’s entire life, 5 times in 1 year, and one time in any 16 day period.
  • It is important to understand the time crunches when it comes to appearing for the GMAT. It is ideal to give the exam two months prior to the application deadline in order to ensure timely delivery of scores to the required business schools. Plenty of guidance and tips regarding the timing is given in GMAT classes, and the classes take good care of the entire application process for a candidate.

The time required for prep

  • GMAT preparation is important if a candidate wants to go to an illustrious business school. For these reasons, the time required for prepping must be considered carefully. For example, if an appearing candidate has identified that he/she requires 100 hours to prepare for the test, then he/she should keep a window of 3 months while booking the test.
  • Any appearing candidate must study everything about the various topics very thoroughly. The prep time should be long enough for the candidate to take their time while studying the material. Short prepping hours result in a burnt out candidate that is always stressed. A solid foundation goes a long way.

What retest takers must do

  • It has been observed that many candidates that appear for GMAT retake the test at least once. While retaking the test, the candidate must ensure that he/she spends a good amount of time working on all the shortcomings of the previous test.
  • Since a candidate can retake the test only once in 16 days, he/she must select a date that is more than four weeks apart so that the time span suits the efforts of the candidate before the next exam.


Timings convenient to the schedule of the candidate

  • A candidate must select test timing that suits his/her schedule. For example, a candidate working till 4.00 pm should not schedule a test timing that is at 4.30pm, because that will just make him/her tired with all the exertion.
  • He/she must select a test timing that will let him/her arrive at the venue well in advance, with a peaceful mind, and give the exam without any stress.

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