Martial Arts From Thailand “Muay Thai” For Weight Loss In Australia

Weight loss in a healthy and permanent way is not difficult, and there are plenty of recommendations and habits to recover your self-esteem and well-being.

Millions of people in the world want to lose weight in a healthy way which can be now done in Australia too. It may be one of the most frequently asked questions in the Internet along with others such as “how to quit smoking” and “how to save money”.


To know how to lose weight, first we have to think about why we want to lose weight. The best reason is because our health is being resented, and this can be a timely occasion to leave those extra kilograms that we have gradually added to our silhouette.

That excess fat does not only look bad. It can also make us sick: high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, etc. There are sufficient reasons to get rid of it as soon as possible, otherwise the consequences can be catastrophic.

In fact, they are important reasons to rethink the way we eat and our life in general. There’s nothing more of a priority than our health. And so, there’s nothing better than working to get that change. But to do that you don’t always need the help of a specialist. The answer is much simpler.

Today, martial arts have helped millions to achieve a better body and better health. Specifically, Muay Thai is composed of kicks, elbows, knees, stretches, fitness exercises and clinch (opponent’s dominance movements). In addition to strengthening the body it is possible to say that Muay Thai speeds up weight loss.

A 90-minute class can burn between 800 and 1500 calories, but this number varies widely from one person to the other for various factors such as the temperature of the day, the rate of metabolism, the intensity of the training, humor and distance from the last meal. You will also need to know the diet habits of the practitioner, because to lose weight you need to spend more calories than you consume.

This martial art course has become very popular among men and women, thanks to its multiple physical and mental benefits. The results are visible in a short time from your first training day, and it is attractive especially for women. The practice of this sport controls metabolism. In women over 40 years of age, the processes of the body start to slow down, and with a regular practice of a demanding sport like Thai boxing, the metabolism rises again, going up to normal levels and speeding up weight loss.

So, give Muay Thai a try. If you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Australia and want to know more about this millenary sport, be sure to visit our site. When you have your first class at  you will realize why Muay Thai  course have changed the life of so many and why it has become so popular among fitness people.

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