Myths about sleep

Having a good night’s sleep is a necessary thing. It not only keeps us away from serious health issues but also it increases our productivity. There are so many myths that we often hear but are they really true? So here in this article, we have compiled some very common myths about sleep which are fake.

  1. There is no big deal if you sleep less. While the fact is that a person needs to sleep on an average for at least 7-8 hours. Having a good amount of sleep will keep your mental and physical health fit. Numerous researchers have shown that those who sleep well are more efficient than those with less sleep.
  2. Snoring is nothing to worry about. Though snoring maybe common. This is not always the case. Scoring may be a symptom of OSD (Obstructive Sleep Disorder). Snoring can interrupt your sleep. Due to which one may have to take up frequently due difficulty in breathing.
  3. Having sleep disorders is no way harmful. Many take difficulty in sleeping for granted. But we fail to understand that it can cause a serious threat to health. There are various kinds of sleep disorder if not treated on time can cause blood pressure, heart diseases, dementia, and many more. Hence doctors recommend to buy Ativan online in the USA to help you sleep well, Ativan 2mg in the USA is easily available at online pharmacy stores.
  4. Having less sleep has no effect on mood. This is not at all true. Less amount of sleep can completely spoil your mood. It may cause anxiety, depression, and agitation. In short it as a negative impact on your mood. Hence try to have a good sleep. Doctors suggest to buy Ativan online in the USA, Ativan 2mg in the USA is used to treat anxiety and depression. Also, you can buy Valium online in the USA. Valium in the USA is also used for treating anxiety and depression disorder and help you sleep better.
  5. Gadgets don’t interfere with sleep. Many studies have shown that the blue light emitted from the screen disturbs the production of melatonin hormone which is responsible for inducing sleep. Using gadgets before sleep makes you stay awake. Hence doctors suggest buying Ativan online in the USA to help you sleep well. You can purchase Ativan 2mg in the USA from online stores but the dosages have to be prescribed by a doctor.

Other methods to get a good night sleep is to have a healthy lifestyle, exercise daily, have good food, not using gadgets before sleeping, getting a comfortable mattress.

Drinking water before going to bed is not a good option and will lead to non-restorative sleep due to the urge to urinate again and again in the night.

It is necessary to get a prescription from the doctor before buying Ativan 2mg in the USA from Your Meds, and you can order it online and get them at your doorstep at a really cheap cost. Dosage should be fixed as the medicine also has its side-effects.

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