Would you be opting for a full time service broker or a discount broker?

The choice of any broker evolves down to your investment horizons in Australia. So, the choice of a full-time service broker or discount broker is important with the one that matches your temperament styles. If you consider yourself in the following categories you can opt for the top discount brokers in cities like Sydney, Melbourne in Australia just like the top 10 discount brokers in India.

  • There is no money to invest and you do not want to be spending too much on commissions and even brokerages.
  • You are a person who likes to make their own investment decisions, and do not want sales people to be bothering or pestering you with unwanted hassles
  • You are indeed comfortable using online or offline interfaces for financial transactions
  • There are other financial professionals who are there to constantly support you and the views of a broker might be conflicting at this point of time.

On the other side of the coin, the services of a full-time broker in Australia could work in your favor in the following situations

  • You are scared with the entire idea of investing
  • You are in a position to shell out extra amount of money in order to afford the services of a full time broker.
  • The brokerage is one aspect of your relationship with a broker. There are other areas that are included meaning wealth management, private banking for the business owners and even the enterprises.

With a discount broker you are entitled to a lot of benefits.

  • On stock trades they provide you with lower charges in terms of commission
  • The entire process of trading is simplified with the aid of discount trading
  • The discount brokers provide you with a series of tools that is going to help you select the best investment tools as per your choices
  • With a discount broker you can end up opening a variety of accounts. This might go on to include the regular taxable accounts.

It can be true that some discount brokers in Australia are better than the others as they provide a variety of services. The major plus associated with a discount broker is the lower charges in terms of commission as you end up buying and selling stocks at less than $ 10 per trade. This would mean that you need to keep all the money as otherwise, it would end up going as brokerage fees.

Making a smart move

For most of the investors, a discount broker would be an apt choice. Considering the fact on how costly the services of a full-time broker are expected to be, it does make sense to opt for a discount broker in comparison to a full-time service broker. Not only costs will be saved, but this would help a long way in how you can end up managing your money in an effective manner.

In the long run, there is no better way to earn money rather than investing in the stock market of Australia. If you end up using the wrong broker you could end up causing a dent in your pockets. So on all counts avail the services of a discount broker.

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