Preparing Your Vacation in Canada: Passport, Visa And Accommodation

Are you going on vacation to Canada? Little lucky! This is undoubtedly one of the favorite destinations of travelers and for good reason: this splendid country offers great spaces and a breathtaking nature, and its big cities are known for their warm atmosphere and their frankly welcoming population.

Quebec is, of course, particularly appreciated by us, because we feel there a little like home, on this territory located in the middle of North America.

Here you will find all the useful tips to prepare your trip: passport, visa, border formalities, time period of stay and some info for those who wish to get a working holiday visa for Canada.



The first thing to check before you go to Canada is that your passport is valid for the whole of your stay and until at least one day after your planned return date.The other question many are asking is the biometric passport. The answer is clear: the biometric passport is not required to go to Canada. Any type of passport (biometric, electronic or old version), as long as it is valid, is valid for crossing the Canadian border.
However, important clarification: many people take advantage of their stay in Canada to travel to the United States. If this is your case, you will need a biometric passport to go to the USA (but do not panic if you do not have one, you just need to apply for a paper visa, it’s all about you take in advance).

Visa, Authorized Staying Period and Proof Of Funds

Of course, you can opt for a Working Holiday Visa if you want to stay a year and work in Canada.With regard to a tourist stay, the maximum duration is 6 months. But beware! This period of 6 months is not guaranteed. That is, in theory, tourists can stay in Canada for up to 6 months, but only the agent you see at the border can decide how long you will actually be allowed to stay on the land. In fact, to live for several weeks or months in Canada, you will have to prove that you have enough money in your account to support yourself on the spot without having to work (you have to show your last bank statement or a letter your bank certifying the amount available on your account).
It is not specified on the website of the Canadian Embassy how much you need to justify but if you stay a month or more, count at the very least 700 euros per month. If the agent believes the amount of money in your possession is not sufficient for the entire stay, it may very well decide to issue you a visa of less duration than you had planned. The opposite case is also possible: if you had for example planned to stay 3 months but you justify more money than necessary for this length of stay, it is possible that you are granted a 4-month visa when you have not asked for anything … At this time, you are free to extend your stay if you wish!

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That said, rest assured, these financial questions are especially relevant to those of you who are considering a stay of more than a month in Canada, so if that’s the case, be prepared. If you go for a week or two to see friends in Montreal, you probably will not even ask the question!

Good To Know For The Passage Of Customs

That’s it, you took the plane or the bus and you set foot in Canada, bravo! You will now have to deal with a customs officer (more or less friendly according to his mood of the moment, it must be said!). For this interview of a few minutes, provide you with the address of the place where you will stay once on site: friends, hotel or hostels regardless, because apart if you have planned to make a road trip and to sleep in a van (in which case you will be asked for your itinerary anyway), this information will be asked at the customs. You will certainly be asked routine questions such as: ‘What is the reason for your visit to Canada’, ‘How long do you plan to stay’, ‘How do you know this friend who is hosting you during your stay and what is he doing?

Oh and last advice for the road: you must be in possession of your return air ticket when you arrive in Canada, or prove that you have enough money to buy it.

Extend Your Stay And Change Your Tourist Visa Once In Canada

Do you like to visit Canada so much that you want to extend your tourist stay by asking for a student or work visa? Be aware that unfortunately this option is not possible.

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