Quran Memorization Schedule, Tips and Tricks

Quran is Holy book of Allah revealed on Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Holy Quran is the 4th sacred book and it is the greatest gift of Allah Almighty for human being. This book is a form of message for mankind and also for its coming generations till the judgement day. By connecting with this book a person able to understand the rights and wrong which is set by Allah Almighty to mankind. The Quran consists of words from Allah. It shares all the information that is needed to become a real believer.

Quran Memorization Schedule

The Holy prophet Muhammad (SAW) emphasized to recite the holy Quran daily. It also be focused to absorb the Quran in our hearts by memorizing it with accurate understanding. Memorization of Quran is a dream of every Muslim. Many Muslim girls and boys complain that due to their hectic routine they cannot devote their time on memorization of Quran. So our Quranio Academy has arranged Online Quran Classes for memorization of Quran for those people. Our academy also give opportunity to learn Quran with tajweed. However, memorization of Quran is not so easy but Allah Almighty has made it easy for us. Memorizing the verses of Quran has very high reward for the Muslims. Our online academy has made some techniques to memorize the Quran.

Quran Memorization Schedule

Schedule or tricks to memorize the Quran

Memorization of Quran is spiritual as well as physical journey. There are several ways which adopt by Muslims to memorize the Quran. To increase the memorization power some tips are mentioned below:


The first thing that is important to have pay attention on your intention. It should be sure that the intention you have made is only for the sake of Allah to gain his mercy or blessings. If you are sincere, your heart keeps you motivated towards the efforts needed for the memorization.



Timing is a very essential factor when memorization Quran. Select a proper time of a day and  assign it for the memorization of Quran. The best time for memorization of Holy Quran is early morning. At that time a person’s mind feel so fresh and receptive.

Use familiarity technique

At the start, when you go for memorization of Quran, you will naturally come across unknown verses. So, in order to move them to memory, you can write some verses on a piece of paper and learn them by heart. So, in this way it will help them for the better memorization.

Listen to the Quran Recitation

Listening to the Quran verses repeatedly will help them in better memorization.   Listening again and again the same ayahs will engrave in your mind and help them in memorization. Take a audio of Qari and listen it during your free time or before going t sleep. So you will be able to familiarize with that verses.

Recite to others

It is very common for a person to make mistakes while memorizing a Surah, without realizing. Have a teacher or friend who can listen to your recitation. This friend himself should be a precise memorizer will listen to your lesson and pick out mistakes.

Distraction free environment.

It is better to Memorize Quran Online in a comfortable place with little or no disturbance at all. By ensuring that the environment is relaxed, you will be able to increase your focus and thus be able to retain what you learned.

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