Why retirement in the Cotswolds Could Be Your Best Move Yet

Retirement provides you to have an exciting opportunity to spend more time doing what you love. Visiting new places, trying new things and maybe even moving someplace new – these are all things that you can do when you have no ties. But where do you consider moving to when you retire that can offer all the services and amenities you need along with the peaceful country life you’re looking for?

Why the Cotswolds?

When looking for somewhere new to live it makes sense to find a place that is close to all the exciting things you want to do but also offers a calm and peaceful atmosphere when you’re at home. The best way to find a compromise is moving closer to a market town, such as those in the Cotswolds and you will find the perfect settlement between cosmopolitan and country.

Quality of life

The Cotswolds is famous for its rural beauty and picturesque towns and villages and is perfect for people who want a high quality of life when they retire. Although scientific research has shown that living in the countryside has resulted in better physical and mental well-being, it isn’t always the best idea to be too far away from urban life for ease of access to amenities such as healthcare providers etc.

Luckily the Cotswolds provides both with rural villages and great transport links to villages and amenities.

Healthcare Needs Covered

If you’re worried about moving to the countryside because of health issues, then there really is no need to write the Cotswolds off your list. There are a variety of hospitals and healthcare providers – both NHS and private – to allow you to easily take care of any appointments, and the quality of care around the area that has been assessed by the CQC has found to be good.

Benefits of countryside communities

The Cotswolds presents a peaceful environment to enjoy your retirement with many Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty that you can explore and unwind in. While on the edge of the Cotswolds you will find towns such as Cheltenham boast a range of outstanding shops, restaurants and history for you to indulge in. The town holds one of the best farmers’ markets which gives a sense of real community, something you may want to look for when you’re deciding where to spend your days in retirement.

Ease of access

If you do decide to live in a slightly more rural and peaceful village in the Cotswolds, then rest assured you won’t feel isolated. The transport links are second to none making it easy to get around. If you have family living outside of the area, they’ll easily be able to get to you for a visit. Some towns in the Cotswolds also provide easy access to London with great transport links, making it easier to go back and forth if you ever want to experience a faster pace of life.  For example, the village of Great Alne proves to be a popular choice for retirees. It offers a thriving hub of activity in the village itself, while set in 90 acres of beautiful countryside. Villages like this offer a calm space to live whilst only being a short car or bus journey away from bustling market towns.


If you’re looking to downsize then there is a huge range of property for sale in the Cotswolds, and the perfect house or apartment can be found to suit your needs and budget. The traditional cottages are small and cosy, but there are other options for those looking for something a little larger.


With all these benefits of a Cotswolds move, you should certainly add it to the list of possibilities for a place to retire to.

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