Secrets of A Successful Digital Marketing

It’s decided, 2018 will be the year when your company sets up a digital marketing strategy. We do not talk to you “just” to open a Facebook page, no, we are talking about a real digital marketing strategy worthy of the name … that is to say, that helps you to achieve your marketing objectives.

You have set a goal for your digital marketing strategy

You want to succeed in your digital marketing strategy … but by the way, how do you succeed?

Want to find more new customers?

Want to turn more leads into customers?

Do you want to retain your current customers?

Want to improve customer service?

Knowing where you want to will allow you to put the right actions in place. This is common sense but, by wanting to do too quickly, we sometimes go through this structuring and indispensable step.

You are very familiar with your “persona.”

Know your offer, its market, the competitors … We agree it is essential. But knowing his target as well, his persona as we say in marketing jargon is just as much.

You have an effective website

For your digital marketing strategy to work, you obviously need to have a website – that goes without saying.

You cannot do without an effective website because your website should not be a simple showcase but should help you achieve your revenue goals, even if you are not doing e-commerce.

You regularly produce web content

What do you do when looking for information about a product or destination …? Like everyone else, you do a little research on Google.

You use social networks as levers of traffic and conversion

One of the best-kept secrets of the web (drum roll): the use of social networks can you help to generate more customers!


And yes, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are not just platforms that serve to show your last team lunch … but they are mostly important vectors of traffic but also of conversion.

You do not forget the importance of a good newsletter

No, the newsletter is not obsolete (but this word if can be?!). Of course, do not fall into the mistakes most often made but the newsletter is far from dead!

You use online advertising for conversion purposes

Online advertising can be a very good lever of acquisition provided you use it as it should! Is your habit to redirect your online communications to your homepage? STOPPPP! We stop immediately, and we think conversion (always and again).

If you are boasting the benefits of your last offer, send the user directly to the order page.

If you wish to receive quote requests, set up a form dedicated to your current offer on a landing page specific to the subject.

You analyze your efforts

Another secret to keeping in mind is the analysis of the actions you have taken. While it’s hard to ration the impact of your traditional advertising campaigns on your company’s revenue, digital gives you exactly the return on your investment.

Provided, of course, to have put in place, a good strategy of conversion of your Internet users on your various digital channels.

You are vigilant about your e-reputation

Knowing what is said about your company, its products or its services on the internet is now vital. It’s a bit like “ladilafé” 2.0.

So put up alerts on your company name, the names of leaders and your products. The Free Google should meet most needs.

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