Things to Know About Safety Switch Along with Its Introduction

A device which is used to prevent any kinds of electricity generated fires or damages and might kill people is known as a residual current device. The device is also known as a safety switch, which is practically the common name of the tool used to prevent any disasters. These are the specific devices that when invented back in 1991, created a revolution in the electricity industry.

Safety Switch

The main function of this device or tool is to detach the electric supply from the main source of a facility to the other ends of the facility. In this case, it helps in preventing all types of potential dangers that may occur if the electricity was not cut-off from the main source. So it is mandatory for an individual living in older homes to check their switchboards if this life-saving tool is attached or not. If they are attached then it’s okay otherwise it should be put to prevent any future danger.

What Are the Different Types of Safety Switches?

Indeed these life-saving switches are very much important in all the homes, offices, commercial places, and other electrically-laced infrastructures. Thus, there should not be a single type of these devices and so for different purposes or different scenarios, different types of such switch are present. In general, there are three types of safety switch available which are listed below:

  1. Switchboard Type: These switches are mounted on switchboards to take precautionary measures on certain individual bigger appliances. They help in securing separate appliances that are attached to these individual circuit boards from the other boards and the main power source.
  1. Power Point Type: These are placed in power points to prevent any damage to the existing appliance or appliances attached to these switches via power plug. This works in other ways also, when the appliance becomes rogue they disconnect the power source from the main line.
  1. Portable Types: The portable switchboards are most of the time creates short circuits, which is very dangerous. Thus when a residual current device attached to these portable devices it becomes harmless when it comes to short circuits.

Apart from these three, there are no other types of safety tools available at the moment. But, it is possible to have more types of such equipment to enhance the presence of these switches to the world.

Safety Switch

How Exactly the Safety Switches Works?

It is mandatory to know how the electricity flows from one place to another, which will help in understanding how safety switch works. Everybody knows electricity flows from one place to another with the help of electrical wires. And, these are always connected with the help of three types of wires, which are listed below:

  1. Active Wire: The main wires contain the live electric line, if not cut-off from the main source.
  1. Neutral Wire: This is usually the line that retreats the electric current, which is mainly the unused electricity reverse from the appliances.
  1. Earth Wire: These are the first line of defense in the electricity world, and possess a defensive shield on the electric circuit.

Now comes the big part, these safety tools can monitor the electric flow, and if the flow increases and creates a tendency to catch fire or blow then, it tends to detach all its connection with the main electricity line, which will end in a power failure. And, finally, when the button of these protective devices is back on it clears all the dangers and keep the other appliances secure apart from the main source of the electrical fault.

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