Things to look when hiring for a mobile app developer

Are you planning to hire a mobile app developer? Whether it is a freelancer or a full-service mobile app development company, you must do your due diligence by researching and asking the right questions before taking the plunge. Developing a mobile app that fits your criteria is not easy. The thing is, having a mobile app is not an option it has become a requirement. 62 percent of the businesseseither have a mobile app already or they are in the middle of building one.

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No wonder you are supposed to be extra careful when hiring mobile app development services. Here are the top things to consider before hiring a mobile app developer:

Ask for their portfolio

It’s one the best ways of determining whether the person or company is capable of delivering the quality you are expecting. Professionals always have a portfolio set. If not, they can at least show you apps they have developed in the past. Check the reviews and ratings of these apps. You can even download them if they are free to check the user interface and experience.

What’s their expertise?

Every company or individual offering mobile application development services will have their own set of expertise. It may specialize in creating Android or iPhone apps. You have to be sure the developer you are hiring is exactly offering the expertise you need.


Obviously, you would be looking forward to getting the best final product and for that, you will need profound services. Such services can be costly. Remember the rule: you get what you pay for. You will need a flexible budget. The cost of a mobile app ranges between $30,000 and $700,000. The more features you want, the more pricey it will get.

When you are discussing the features of your app, do ask the company about its payment terms. Will they charge you hourly or there is a one-time payment for the services? You must also be aware of the extra costs that you might have to bear during the development phase.

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Ask about the app development process

It is your right to inquire about the app development process. Since they will be working for you, you must know everything about their iPhone or Android app development services. You can also ask how long their past apps took or any unexpected problems that they faced during the process. You have to be sure the company you are planning to hire knows its work and is reliable. If they use agile app development then it’s best.


Communication is extremely crucial since the success of your project depends on it. You must hire a developer you can rely on. They must constantly update you on your project. You can get a good idea of their communication by keeping track of how frequently they are replying to your phone calls or messages during the hiring process. If they are responding on time that means they are serious about you and your project.

Make sure you ask them about the project management tools they will use throughout the project and how often are they going to communicate with you. A good developer will always keep you updated on the progress of the project.


Don’t forget to get the timeline of the project from your Android or iPhone app development company. Since most companies work on multiple projects at a time, you must know when they candeliver your project. It’s important to know all this because it will ultimately affect the quality of your project. If you are hiring a freelance developer, get a timeline from him too. If they are good with keeping you about with the progress of your app, chances are they will deliver on time too.

What about maintenance

After designing your app, will the mobile app development company offer you any maintenance services? Once the app is released, you have to launch app updates, fix errors and even add new features. Hence why it is important to understand the company’s policy around app maintenance and support. Read the contract for cost per new app release, bug fixes and post-launch support.

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