Things that you must know about the winter tyres

The winter season is finally here. It is time to welcome blankets of snow on the roads. During this time, the car drivers have to take care of the snow-covered roads which make the streets slippery. It can cause accidents while driving. That is why, to protect the car from such incidents, many car owners prefer winter tyres instead of the normal ones.


Usually, they have two types of car tyres which are the summer tyres and the winter tyres. They make sure to prepare the vehicle for the changing weather condition. Also, they help in providing the utmost safety to the car.


Why are the winter tyres best for the cold season?


Have a look at the significant factors that make the winter tyres the best choice in the winter season. These will help you to take the wise decision for sure.


  1. More beneficial than the summer tyres


The winter tyres have improved tread patterns that help the drivers to drive comfortably in the wet and icy roads. It also provides better braking performance.


  1. The enhanced grip on the streets


The material of this tyre is made up of the compound of natural rubber and silica. That is why the rubber does not harden the tyre much improving its grip on the roads.


  1. Better grooves to tackle the snow and water


The deep grooves help in removing mud, water and snow from the tyre. Therefore, it enhances the driving experience for sure by providing better control on the roads.


Are they expensive?


It is one of the most critical questions that the car drivers ask. There is no doubt that the winter tyres are quite expensive as compared to the summer tyres. The price of this tyre depends on the factors like the size of the wheel and the car. Also, the winter tyres do not wear away quickly. So, you do not have to spend money on buying the new ones frequently.


As people prefer winter tyres for four to five months, the summer tyres get some rest, which increases the lifespan of these tyres. Thus, it helps in saving the cost of replacing the worn out tyres.




Are these tyres useful in the UK?


Many people have a misconception that the winter tyres are useless in the UK. But, according to the automotive experts, if the place experiences the temperature drop below 7°C, the car drivers must look for the winter tyres and use them. Therefore, the people of the UK must get the winter tyres for their cars so that they can provide them with a safer driving experience from October to March.


Important things that you must consider about Winter tyres


There are a few more things that you must know about the winter tyres. Give it a read!


  • You must store the tyres properly to maintain the longevity of the winter tyres
  • Do not stack them as it can damage the tyres
  • Keep them in the dark and dry place
  • For better storage, you can take the help of the storage service as well


When to start the use of the winter tyres?

Winter tyres are not mandatory in the UK. But they are compulsory in a few parts of Europe. In these places, people make sure to fix the tyres in their car at the beginning of the October month.


While in the UK, you can fit them before the cold season starts. It will not be possible for you to do so in the middle of the winters as the streets will be covered with ice by then.


Get the help of the trustworthy car servicing company for the winter tyres


Therefore, the car needs the winter tyres for sure. The experts advise everyone to start searching for a reputable car repair service firm online to get the benefits of the winter tyres during the festive season. Such firms figure out the damages and provide excellent solutions to the problems.

The professionals of such firms also provide lots of services to keep your car in good condition and well-maintained. If you are looking for one, there are many service centres like Express Of Walton Ltd that will keep you safe during the chilly winter.


Also, make sure that you go through all these tips and advice to take a better decision to keep the car in the best condition possible.

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