Tips to Control Bed Bugs at Home

Before starting any treatment, you must make sure the house is infected with bed bugs. Sometimes, ticks, insects, or fleas may also be mistaken as bed bugs. Look for pictures online or speak to a professional to know if the house has been attacked with bugs.

How to Control Bed Bugs:


The first step towards bed bugs control is to avoid panicking. Although the task of eliminating bed bugs may be tough, it isn’t impossible. You don’t need to throw out all of your things from home. The issue is treatable. So why destroy expensive stuff?

Choose from a Variety of Treatment Options

It is important to look through various treatment options available for your problem. Most people rush through spraying which does nothing more than exterminating only a few bugs. The rest may run across and find better hiding places. Move the indoor items out in the sun for a few hours. If you are unable to choose a specific spray, call a professional.

Go Clutter Free

The most important stuff is to reduce hiding places. Start with cleaning up the clutter. A cluttered home provides more places for bed bugs to hide and makes locating and treating them harder. If bed bugs are in your mattress, using special bed bug covers (encasements) on your mattress and box springs makes it harder for bed bugs to get to you while you sleep. Leave the encasements on for a year. Be sure to buy a product that has been tested for bed bugs and is strong enough to last for the full year without tearing.

Regular Washing and Drying

  1. Regularly wash and heat-dry your bed sheets, blankets, bedspreads and any clothing that touches the floor.

This reduces the number of bed bugs. Bed bugs and their eggs can hide in laundry containers/hampers Remember to clean them when you do the laundry.

DIY Freezing

Although not a very reliable method for bed bug control, it is said that very low temperatures can kill these pests. Home freezers may not be cold enough to destroy bed bugs. It is advisable to use a thermometer to check the temperature. You can put things outside in freezing temperatures for killing bed bugs.

Heat Kills Bed Bugs

One of the most common ways to kill bed bugs is to raise the indoor temperature. Bed bugs die once their body temperatures hit 45 degrees Celsius. Some special equipment will do the job really well. Professionals are the best to get in touch with for this task. Another idea is to use black plastic bags in the sun. This is helpful in killing bed bugs in luggage or smaller items.

Avoid Passing your Bed Bugs to others

Most people aren’t aware but bed bugs are efficient travelers. So if you throw out a mattress or furniture that has bed bugs in it, you should slash or in some way destroy it so that no one else takes it and gets bed bugs.

Less Bed Bugs, Less Bites

The rule is simple. Reducing the number of bed bugs will reduce bites. Thorough vacuuming is one of the best ways to get rid of some bed bugs. So make sure you vacuum floors, rugs, upholstered furniture, etc. very carefully. Do not ignore areas such as under beds, bed frames, around bed legs, cracks and gaps in the room. You must change bag after each use. This will stop bed bugs from escaping.

Trust Professionals

It definitely makes sense to hire professionals who are experienced in dealing with bed bugs. Make sure the company you hire is reputed and uses the safest products to exterminate pests.

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