Reasons for Doing Upper Endoscopy in Sydney, Melbourne, Australia

These days a lot of people in Sydney, Melbourne and other parts of Australia are prescribed to go for an upper endoscopy test. It is nothing but a procedure where the doctors have to examine the upper digestive system of the body visually with the help of a tiny camera which remains attached to the end of a flexible and a long tube.

Upper Endoscopy

This long tube is known as the endoscope or the primary endoscopy equipment. Any gastroenterologist or a specialist doctor of the human digestive system in Australia or anywhere in the world uses the method of endoscopy in order to diagnose some gastronomical health issues and sometimes also treat some of these issues. The problems that mainly occur in stomach, oesophagus and small intestine can be easily caught by an endoscopy test.

The upper endoscopy which is done is medically termed as the oesophagi gastroduodenoscopy. Now the question is, why a doctor mainly prescribes an endoscopy test. Here are some major reasons to do so:

  • In order to investigate any particular sign or symptom. When the patient goes for an endoscopy, the doctor here mainly determines that what exactly is causing the problematic signs and symptoms in the digestion process. These symptoms can be nausea, vomiting, difficulty in swelling, abdominal pain and gastrointestinal bleeding.
  • This test also helps the doctor to diagnose the disease in a patient’s digestive tract. The doctor can go for endoscopy in order to collect some samples of tissues for a biopsy so that they can treat certain symptoms like intestinal bleeding, anaemia, diarrhoea and cancer that might have occurred in the digestive system.
  • The endoscope is also used by the doctors to some of the health issues. The doctor can easily pass a kind of a special tool through the endoscope in order to treat a few problems in the digestive system. They are; clipping off a polyp, widening an oesophagus which has become narrow or removing an object which is a foreign particle.
  • Sometimes, an endoscopy can also be combined with some other testing procedure like an ultrasound. Here, the ultrasound probe is actually attached to the end of the endoscope so that it can create some images of the wall of the human oesophagus or the stomach. This endoscopic ultrasound can help the doctor to get some clear images of the pancreas which is otherwise hard to reach. There is a high-end camera that takes very clear pictures which helps the doctor to diagnose the issue.

An endoscopy is a non-surgical procedure but it can also have some sort of risks. A patient can face a bleeding complication when the endoscopy is done in order to remove the tissue for biopsy. Though this testing procedure has a very low chance of risk involved in it, there is still a risk of infection that can happen during the procedure but that can be easily treated by an antibiotic.

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