How Does No Win No Fee Work for Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury ClaimsIt is possible to find a solicitor who does not charge anything to help you with a personal injury claims until you get the compensation. This is worked out on the basis of a conditional fee agreement. Some solicitors agree to work on this clause in certain cases. However, before you appoint a solicitor on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, you need to know how this works.

Here is a look at the most common questions about how ‘no win no fee’ works.

Does a ‘no fee’ imply no cost?

This is an oft-repeated mistake; a conditional fee agreement offers you the chance to make a personal injury claim to the Injuries Board Ireland or to the Court System without the need to pay your solicitor until you win it. However, it does not take away the legal costs associated with it.

If you win the case, the compensation award may include the associated costs, such as the medical examination charges, the court fees and so on. If you lose the case, you need not pay the solicitor’s fees. However, you may have to pay the legal charges or the court costs of the respondent, i.e., the entity against whom you filed the claim.

Does the solicitor get a part of the compensation award?

No solicitor can take up a claim on the basis of a percentage of the compensation award. It is against the law dictates for personal injury claims. If a solicitor promises to work on a claim against a certain percentage of the compensation award, it is best not to appoint him/her.

No win no fee solicitors

Must calculate their charges on the basis of the effort they put in the claim. It is important that you discuss the details of the process in which he/she would bill you if you win the case. This may be on an hourly basis or on a fixed fee basis. The only difference is that you need not pay these fees if the claim is not successful.

Does the solicitor pay the legal costs?

This depends on the exact terms of the conditional fee agreement. You may arrange things as per your convenience and the solicitor’s preference. Make sure the details about these costs are discussed before you start the claims process; otherwise, the money matters may become complicated.

For most personal injury claims that work on conditional fee agreements, the solicitor pays the legal costs initially. The claimant disburses the costs later. If you win, the respondent may pay these costs along with the compensation to you. If you lose, the ‘after event’ insurance can pay for these; make sure you get this coverage before you make the claim.

Does this agreement work for all personal injury claims?

No. Different personal injury claims involve different details. A solicitor takes up a personal injury claim on a ‘no win no fee’ basis only if he/she is sure of its success. After all, they work for the fees too. If a claim has no merit, you may find it difficult to get a solicitor who agrees to work on this basis.

It is easier to find no win any fee solicitors in Ireland for personal injury claims that have high chances of success. How do you know whether a legal adviser would take your case on this basis? The best way to do this is to get in touch with them and ask for a consultation. After you provide all details about the claim, they can decide whether they would work on it.

Do not delay; a personal injury solicitor may help you take the right step at the right time.

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