2018 Facebook Marketing Tips You Need To Follow For Your Business

Facebook even today continues to be the go marketing platform for many businesses. It helps us in getting connected with people from all over the world. Starting from the lost friends to the business with customers, Facebook does make it easy for all us to find whatever we are looking out for just within this platform.

Using Facebook to your advantage while marketing for your business helps in providing immediate results, and helping customers engage and grow their brands. While marketing is never that easy it can still turn out to be effective with the even small amount of money. Keeping the above things in mind given below are the few Facebook Marketing Tips That Will help you succeed this 2018.


Which is the right day to post content: While posting content on Facebook it’s obvious that you would wish to have the highest number of followers online. Using Facebook insights features will allow you to identify the right time, understanding when are they online and when are they offline.

Creating and scheduling Facebook updates: With almost more than 800 million of users on Facebook, marketing your business to these users who are online becomes really very important. And in order to reach out these many users, it is important that you create and schedule updates so that your followers come forward and read your content and get engaged in it.

Choosing an eye-catching cover photo: Having a right photo chosen for the cover page is one of the best ways of grabbing the attention of your customers. Avoid using highly stretchable images and not much of text written on it. It’s always good when you have a single focal point in order to avoid the overwhelming of your eye. Remember that the mobile users will see less than your image than the desktop users, so have your image tested on different platforms in order to make sure that no other information is lost through it.

Facebook live video: Facebook wishes to compete with snap chat, YouTube and more even today. And in order to have people using this specific platform, they reward Facebook live video over any other content type. So don’t forget to try Facebook live video.

Humor: When you are sharing content don’t hesitate to be funny. Studies have shown that users generally respond to brands who use humor appropriately on social media. Jokes are another best ways of humanizing your brand personal eliciting an emotional response from the audiences. Just make sure that your posts do not lead you to any kind of a Controversy.

Responding to the messages: According to the study conducted by ad week, it is believed that 42% of the consumer expect a reply to their queries made on Facebook. And though it’s not possible to answer all the messages received, you should not give up and instead answer them whether the query is positive or negative. Your responses act as a level of professionalism. So don’t forget to answer the queries of your customer.

To conclude by applying these six major tips to your social media strategy, you can easily make the year 2018 go big time.

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