7 Of The Most Prominent Forex Brokers in 2021

Using the leverage has been helpful to currency trading brokers but sometimes, it can also be the cause of your destroyed accounts. Some of the pros when using this type of leverage includes additional loaned capital which can be used for trading, greater trade positions that help magnify gains, interest-free, and traders are allowed to enter a trade even with small capital.

If there are pros, there are also some cons when using the broker’s leverage. This includes getting exposed to margin calls, which may encourage reckless trading and wiping out the entire trading capital.

7 Best Leverage Brokers of 2020


This brokerage is currently the best one for Forex investors in the United States. They boast leverage as high as 1:500 which is available for all sorts of trading accounts. Aside from providing a very good amount of leverage, other positive reasons contribute to the popularity of PaxForex.

One good thing about PaxForex is that they maintain five different types of FX trading accounts. Traders will also get exposed to 20 different types of trading pairs while maintaining a very affordable $10 as a minimum deposit.


Another good deal from the list is the AvaTrade which is tagged as the best brokerage for Non-U.S Traders. AvaTrade is currently available for more than 150 countries and is being operated with strict guidelines from regulatory agencies in Australia, Europe, Japan, and Canada.

AvaTrade also offers a very high leverage of 1:400, making them the most preferred international broker by a huge number of traders from all over the world. Its trading platform is also very user-friendly and highly advanced.

Crypto Rocket

If you are looking for a free deposit while maintaining the high level of leverage which is 1:500, then Crypto Rocket should fit your ideals. They also have very unique features, which have been drawing attention for many years. Traders are exposed to more than 55 trading pairs, tight spreads, and a very advanced FX trading platform.

Eagle FX

This brokerage mostly attracts experienced traders who are checking out some advanced trading platform capable of giving them access to a wide range of investment opportunities as well as attractive leverage. Eagle FX gives you access to 53 trading pairs and this includes all major currency pairs. They have the leverage of 1:500.

XM Global

Another reputable trading broker online, XM Global. They are offering leverage as high as 1:888 and they also have a wide range of trading pairs as well as investment products. Take note that the 1:888 leverage is only for traders in the U.S and Europe.


Another very good brokerage with a high leverage of 1:1000 is InstaForex. Its headquarters are located in Russia and they are known to be the most successful brokerage in the entire Eastern Europe. Aside from having high leverage, they also have a good number of currency pairs available.


With the leverage of 1:3000, FBS is tagged as the ‘highest leverage in the global currencytrading industry’. They are also very versatile, have different types of trading accounts with account types such as micro-lot trading (CENT) for newbies and ECN accounts available for scalpers.

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