Adelaide Migration Agent: Reasons for Australian Visitor Visa Refusal


There is nothing worse than paying a lot of time, money and effort to submit a visa application for Australia, only to learn that it has been rejected. In recent times, the Australian government has adopted a tough approach to grant visas and the Immigration Department and border protection check each individual application. To ensure that the evidence supplied is right for the concerned visa. If it gets reduced in any way, then it is likely that the visa application will be rejected.

Each year, thousands of international visitors arrive to visit Australia to see sights and sounds, but for some, the process of actually obtaining visas can be more difficult than others. It will depend on the assessment level of your home country and personal circumstances of each special visitor.

Most of the time, the passenger who wishes to travel to a foreign country is allowed to do so by the Embassy of the concerned country as a valid visa. However, it is not always the case that the visa application process ensures the issue of visa. Let’s examine the reasons for this. Here are the most common reasons for visa refusal:

One of the main reasons for rejecting applications for Australia Visa is that the applicant has a failure to meet the actual requirements for a potential visitor. In this context, the authorities often examine the applicant’s financial holdings to understand that the applicant will be requested to return home or not. The individual circumstances of the applicant, such as the civil disruption in their country of origin, or any economic discrepancy which can lead the applicant to live in Australia, also takes place before making the decision.

Applying for a wrong type of visa: This is common than you think, Australia has over 140 types of visas that all have special requirements and conditions. Applicants who deposit their own visas without consulting the registered Migration agents in Adelaide, AU cannot choose the appropriate visa, which is appropriate for themselves and their situations

After this, the history of the applicant, visa requirements and compliance with immigration laws etc. in relation to the previous international travel is also considered by the authorities. In the case of any unfavorable event in the past, the applicant can be denied the visa.

The applicant’s General Conduct Code, as well as his character, also plays an important role in calling for the visa for the authorities.

Even if the above-mentioned points are found satisfactory by the visa processing officer, any discrepancy in the submitted documents, or the submission of one or more essential documents, can be denied by Australian visa online. In addition to the documents, the applicant will have to submit the passport size photographs as per the exact specification of the embassy.

Australia is currently the fourth most expensive country in the world. The Immigration Department and the Department of Border Protection want to prove to the applicants that they have enough money to live in Australia and the amount depends on the visa and its sub-class. For many business and retirement visas, applicants need to show that they have financial assets and investments which are for a fixed price. You have to prove that you are financially sound or your visa gets rejected.

If your visa is refused, then we will need to check and review the refusal letter from the Immigration Department. The Adelaide migration agent has extensive experience in the migration industry and it can provide outstanding service to match all your needs. Our customized services make your travel experience simple and comfortable.



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