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There has been a lot of debate on what separates an amateur photographer from a professional one. Well for starters, a beginner can be referred to as a person who just takes pictures on his phone or a digital camera without understanding much about the pictures he’s clicked or equipments that are needed for photography.


An amateur photographer is just learning what the photography basics are and the equipments that are needed to get perfect pictures.

Earlier when we had to classify advanced or professional photographers we would simply say that these people have the most amount of experience under their belt and have been in the photography circuit long enough to know everything about it. Even though this statement has some truth to it, it is not completely so. Professional photography can now be learnt in

advanced photography classes in delhi. These classes don’t just teach important skills, they also teach you everything starting from scratch so that not only can you learn new things but also brush up on what you know.

Once you’re done with a course like this, you’ll know that to be an advanced photographer you don’t need experience, you just need an ample amount of know how. At times you’ll see that you will be able to teach a thing or two to a

person who has been taking pictures for over years now.

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What constitutes advanced photography?

  1. You need to understand and master the basics of photography and have a complete know how about your equipments.
  2. Once you’re an advanced photographer you can start making money from photography. If you think that you can start earning money through photography if you have a camera, your thinking is highly flawed. You’ll see that making money is listed under advanced photography and not under amateur or beginner because there is a tough competition out there. Unless you know how to take A grade pictures completed with airbrushing and editing and a complete know how about tools work and their functionality, you may lose the client to someone who actually does.
  3. An advanced photographer knows that when he’s on the job hunt, it’s like being on a mission that doesn’t allow any rest. You need to be on your toes the entire time and take pictures of every moment. Sometimes the picture you never meant to take comes out great and that can become a beautiful piece of art forever.

What do these schools teach you?

  1. Photo editing skills- Sometimes even before actual photography is taught to you, you are taught how to edit pictures so that the teachers can gauge your creativity and see how can you edit a picture yet make it look completely realistic.
  2. Techniques of photography- The best photography courses in delhi make you capture things that a bare eye cannot see with clarity. It’s all about such moments like these, a drop of water falling, the movement of a hummingbird, that create a major impression on the viewer.




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