Apple i6 and i6 plus are setting new sales records in the market

Apple i6


The most awaited Apple i6 and i6 plus hit the US market in September 2014.  As usual, the apple fans were waiting to have their hands on the new arrivals. According to the users, the new versions will certainly earn Apple an edge over its competitors. Let’s check out what’s so special in Apple i6 and i6 plus.

SIM-free versions of Apple i6 and i6 plus is available in the market now. These models allow the users to use any mobile network they prefer on their favorite Apple phone. Both these models are available in elegant silver, space grey and golden color.  Apple i6 comes with a HD display of 4.7 inches that supports 1334×750 pixels.  On the other side, the i6 plus model is for people who prefer a bigger screen. The models come with 5.5 inches multi – touch screen that offers 1920×1080 resolution. Gamers would love such a big screen.  Apple’s new 64 bit A8 chip is smartly designed to offer 20% faster processing speed and 50% higher graphic support than it’s counterparts in the market.

According to the users, it feels great to hold the new Apple models in hand. It’s very light weighted and sleek. Apple has managed to release a larger phone without making it look and feel bigger. The new phones run on iOS 8 which is designed to offer delightful user experience. The new versions of iSight cameras in these phones do not just let you take amazing pictures but also allow you capture videos at 60 FPS.  The camera comes with a time-lapse video feature that can offer an enhanced auto focus function.

In our later posts, we will discuss about more features in the latest Apple i6 and i6 plus

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