Aspects of CO2 Emissions – A Closer Look

CO2 EmissionsCarbon dioxide is naturally present in the atmosphere as part of the Earth’s carbon cycle. While CO2 emissions come from a variety of natural sources, climate scientists say that man-made emissions are responsible for the increase in CO2 levels that have occurred in the atmosphere since the industrial revolution. The main activity that is responsible for the CO2 emissions is the combustion of fossil fuels for energy and transportation. As the high level of CO2 in the atmosphere may produce dangerous levels of climate change a consensus is starting to emerge that the CO2 emissions should be reduced.

 Reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emission

The most effective way to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is to reduce fossil fuel consumption. Producing more energy from renewable sources and using fuels with lower carbon contents are ways to reduce carbon emissions. Improving the insulation of buildings, traveling in more fuel-efficient vehicles, and using more efficient electrical appliances can also be done to reduce emissions. Reducing personal energy usage by turning off lights and equipment when not needed can save electricity. Implementing technologies like sequestration and carbon capture to the energy plants and industries can also reduce emissions. While doing these mitigations there are some positive aspects of CO2 that need to be considered.

Through the processes of photosynthesis and respiration, scientists have been able to confirm why plants are growing more rapidly than they are dying. They say that the faster growth of forests and plants being witnessed in parts of the world may be due to increased CO2 levels. Carbon dioxide is constantly being exchanged among the atmosphere, ocean, and land surface as it is both produced and absorbed by many microorganisms, plants, and animals. Experts say that emissions and removal of CO2 by these natural processes tend to balance out. But man-made emissions are currently not controlled. Scientists point out that methods need to be worked out to control man made emissions so that the atmospheric balance of CO2 can be retained.

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