The Beautiful Train Journeys

All through our childhood, there are always a few things we enjoy. For most Indians, the journey on the train features on this list. The Indian Railways is used by 30 million people every day.

Himalayan Queen (Kalka to Shimla)
For those of you who fancy movies journey by the “toy train” is a must. This route was started 1903 and travels 96 km long passes through 102 tunnels and 82 bridges. It has the steepest rise in altitude thought in the shortest distance. The journey is a spectacular extravaganza which lasts for a full five hours.
Vasco Da Gama to Londa
The journey from Vasco Da Gama in Goa to Londa in Karnataka offers you the satisfaction of enjoying the view of the ghats and the Goan villages. It moves up and dives into the Western Ghats, where it passes in front one of the most magnificent waterfalls in the country. The Dudsagar Waterfalls can be viewed only while traveling on trains along this route. Hidden deep in the forest, this waterfall must be seen.
Mumbai to Goa
Mumbai and Goa are the most talked about places. A train route that connects these two places must ,in fact, be a beautiful journey. The route itself is an engineering marvel. It runs along the coast with the Sahyadri hills on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other. The train travels through 92 tunnels and on 2000 bridges.
Kanyakumari –Trivandrum
A short train journey, but one packed with delicious sensory ticklers, this journey takes you through coconut trees, and gliding past typical Tamil and Keralite architecture. Gopurams and ornately decorated temples cross over to welcome typical Keralite churches and a different style of architecture. This train ride is indeed through South India’s most picturesque locations.
Mandapam – Pamban – Rameswaram
It is considered among the most dangerous rail routes in India. It runs on a thin bridge, this route is exciting and a must for the adventure seeker. The bridge is among the longest in the country. The route connects Mandapam in Tamil Nadu to the island of Rameswaram.
The Indian Maharaja- Deccan Odyssey
One of India’s few luxury trains, this ten-night route offers its travellers everything from a library, an Ayurvedic massage centre, a beauty parlour, steam baths, a gymnasium, a business centre, conference rooms, air-conditioned coaches and luxury suites. It takes you to the main tourist destinations; such as the Ajanta Ellora caves in Maharashtra all the way to the Taj Mahal in Agra. The Deccan Odyssey offers such luxury that you feel like a king.

Mumbai- Pune
This is a fun train ride which crosses many exciting places. Starting from Mumbai, the train travels 3-hours to reach Pune, passing through Karjat, known for the best vada pavs. After which you come across Lonavla, Khandala and other beautiful hill stations that you shouldn’t miss. Lonavla is known for its chikki and jelly fruits. While traveling on the train, travellers are treated to sights of beautiful water fall sand also the monkey hill, beware, monkeys these days even like cell phones. It is always important to check the seat availability in trains which run along these routes if you wish to enjoy the beauties of the journey. Various online platforms offer easy ways to reserve tickets.

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