Benefits of Solar Energy for Indian Consumers

Solar Energy

Solar power system provides you clean and pure energy from the sun. It also helps to reduce the uses of our limited fossil fuel. Today we are used fossil fuel like coal and natural gases to generate electricity. These fossils are produced harmful gases and carbon which are the cause of air pollution and global warming. Not only fossil is bad for our earth, they have limited in our earth. We can create this fuel in short time of period. Solar energy helps to reduce 95% of air pollution and reduce the emission of fossil fuel. We have shortlist few of solar energy benefit which are helpful to save money and air pollution in India

Benefit of solar energy

1. Reduce your electricity bill

You have spent your largest portion of your money for electricity bill. With the help of solar system you can generate your own electricity by sun for more then 25+ years. This energy is 100% natural and helps to reduce your electricity bill. You can also save a lot of money on your electricity bill.

2. Earn on your investment

Solar panel are expensive and one of best investment for homeowners. You can generate the energy from these panels for more than 25+ years. Many of homeowner sell their 20-30% of electricity and earn money. Govt will also give you a subsidy if you plan to install solar panels on your roof.Protect against raising electricity Cost

3. Protect against raising electricity Cost

You can also protect yourself high bill of electricity. Solar panel is one time investment and you can save your money for next 25 years. You can fix your electricity prices against unpredictable price hikes. You can also install it office and small village where electricity is not reached.

Solar Energy

4. Increase your property value

You can increase your property value by installing solar system in your home. In multiple studies have found that if any homeowner install solar system in their home then they have a higher property value. They can sell their property easily as compared to non – solar home. So you can install a solar system in your home and demand your property more as compared to non solar house.

5. Solar energy save the environment

Many companies or plants use fossil fuel to generate the electricity. When the fossil fuel is burn then they produce harmful gases and pollute our environment which causes Asthma, Liver cancer, Kidney damage and weak sexual power.

Solar system installation is a onetime investment. You can save more after installing solar system at your home. You can also sell your own extra solar electricity to other private company and generate income from it. You can also get a subsidy up to 50% from the government and generate electricity for next 25 years.

For subsidy you can visit the official website of Govt. Of India:   

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