Our bloodstream is like an inner river of life. It is like any other water body that could be polluted or clogged. We should become informed and aware of the actions we take and the choices related to our lifestyle we make to keep the bloodstream clean and vital for our life. One should also be well aware of the toxicities that are present and the actions that one might take, knowingly or unknowingly, in order to contribute to having symptoms of toxicity in the bloodstream. These are chronic health problems that affect the Australian population. Hypertension (high blood pressure), osteoarthritis, hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol), depression, anxiety, and asthma needed to be balanced. It is important to bring oneself back to strike a balance or an appropriate level of its well-being.

Exercising is an essential tool that is known for blood circulation and good heart health. It gives our lymphatic systems a huge boost by increasing heart rate and thereby helping the body to regulate and further pump blood over to the body replenishing oxygen in the cells. Yoga, stretching, walking and swimming are all great and safe ways of detoxifying and keeping active.

Blood Purification and foods that will help in detoxification

Eating Healthy and home remedies are a great way to work on blood purification. Apart from these several Over the counter medications may also be present. An effective natural to try is Ayurveda. One could look for the best blood purifier syrup in ayurveda and proceed with a natural and safe method. Did you know Australia – Sydney, Melbourne is one of the places where Ayurveda is recognized? Before recognized as a natural medicine (naturopathy) now it is considered a complimentary healthy medicine system. It is in 1988 the existence of Ayurveda in Australia where Australasian Association Ayurveda incorporated (AAA) was registered as a national organization.

So, it all comes down to cleansing your blood and further aiding your liver, lungs, intestines, kidneys, and skin in eliminating more toxins and to avoid any toxic build-ups.

Foods that can make a difference

  • Garlic: Raw garlic is rich in sulphur, which is useful in eliminating toxins from the body. It also stimulates the liver for producing detoxification enzymes that filter out toxins of the bloodstream.
  • Beetroots: Packed with several nutrients that protect from free radicals and also stimulate the liver detoxification
  • Parsley: This herb facilitates the kidneys to eliminate the toxins from the blood via the urine.
  • Leafy Greens: Spinach, Broccoli, Cabbage and Kale are all great antioxidants. These cleanse the entire body.
  • Lemons: Super rich in antioxidants. This fruit activates the liver and eliminates toxins. Alkalizing the body and loading it with Vitamin C detoxifies the protein glutathione.
  • Turmeric: It is a power-packed spice that is great for healing many things, be it externally or internally.
  • Avocado: Excellent for lowering cholesterol, detoxifying the liver and dealing with blood pressure. This is one of the leading causes affecting Australia – Sydney, Melbourne, etc.
  • Cilantro: Heavy metals that enter the bloodstream through traffic pollution, specific food like fish, this herb helps to remove the mercury and any other heavy metal.
  • Some others may be carrots, apples, and flaxseeds.

One such all-natural blood purifier that comes from brand torque Ayurveda is named Shudh Raktashodhak. It is considered one of the best blood purifiers in the market. Providing a natural remedy to different kinds of skin-related disorders, boils, rashes, hives, acne, blemishes, and many more. It is used to purify the blood along with removing toxins from the body. This syrup contains Guduchi and neem extract, which is known for boosting up the body’s immunity and stimulating the liver and kidneys to detoxify the body.

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