Cancer: amidst death a ray of hope is still there

Cancer and its causing factors

The word cancer is itself very much frightening to the sense that it can be said as a symbol of death just because of its immense fatality rate. Cancer is the leading cause of death in this present word. It comprises about 1/3rd of the world’s fatal population. Such a huge is its danger factor. It is not a single type of disease. It is a systemic as well as genetic disorder. This makes it the worse to treat. Systemic disorder because it involves a different type of organs for as a prey and with time it totally destroys the functionalities of the organ and also the body also as every organ and also their functionalities are interconnected in a body and therefore one problem may end up in causing the problem to the whole functioning of the body. It is also very much genetic. And by far it is maybe main cause for the occurrence of cancer. Cancer-causing genes are available in each and every people in this universe. But they are present in a very much dormant stage, but once it becomes active due to the mutation of any other type of external mutation causing agent it starts malfunctioning as it never stops dividing.

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Cell division and growth

We all know that our body has cells and the tissue which are the structural and the functional unit of the body. These cells grow and divide by two phenomena called as the hypertrophy and the other is known as the hyperplasia. Hypertrophy is the increase in the cell number that mainly happens due to cell division mainly and also due to cell differentiation. And hyperplasia is the increase in cell size. And both when becomes functional, simultaneously the body cell grows and that is the reason for the growth of the body pf child to reach the adult phase. However, this cell division has a cycle that needs to be followed. And these cycle has got the number of factors like the promoter, activators, stimulants and also inhibitors. This inhibitor has a lot of significance. These inhibitors are very much potent to stop the cell division cycle at the proper time point as it will lead to uncontrolled cell division. And this uncontrolled cell division is the main reason that causes the disease cancer. The cells get the uncontrollable division. Thus a lump of cells gets aggregated to the tissue and the site that is affected by cancer and thus disease gets its base.

Treatment method

In India, the treatment of cancer is very well advanced. The doctors are well educated and also well trained. The cancer specialist in India, who are also caused as the oncologists use the modern therapeutic technique to treat the patients.

Main problem

The main problem that the doctors face during their treatment is that cancer does not remain in a particular position and changes their localization from time to time. This phenomenon is called as the metastasis. This is one of the main reason due to which a particular targeted drug therapy does not get value in cancer.

Better future

However, we should hope for the betterment as some of the cancers like the breast cancer mainly with modern treatment method is getting good results. Time will definitely come when we will be able to be ahead in the race of cancer.

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