Competitor Research Tips for Better Digital Marketing Service

It is a given that your business development somewhat depends on your capacity to rule your competitor and claim the best seat in your industry’s online space. To conquer your industry, you must have the understanding of the workflow of your competitors present in the field.


Whether your digital marketing service is new to the industry or has been working for a long time, these five tips will help you analyze your competitions online presence.

  1. Look out for your SEO competitors

An SEO competitor is someone who naturally positions for the essential search queries that are related to your business. The first thing is to make a list of all the first expressions that are related to your business, products or services. Then take a look at sites that rank for these phrases. If a query item matches a search query, think of that company as your primary competitor.

Also, you can enter keywords and see the companies ranking on top, however, remember that consumer behavior has changed significantly. It implies that vast majority of people use natural language to search products or services. Looking out for SEO competitors is a significant task for a digital marketing service to tackle.

  1. Use competitor research tools

Some valuable tools can be used to gain knowledge about your competitor’s workflow. These tools allow you to analyze your competitor’s site, contrast their standings with yours and some even give information related to paid inquiries and social signs. SEMrush is a perfect tool to look into your rival’s natural ranking history, keywords and the search terms that they use to get ranked.

SpyFu is another tool that can be used to calculate your competitor’s average spending on paid searches to how many organic clicks they are getting and based on what terms. There are some other competitive research tools that a digital marketing service can use such as Jumpshot, Hitwise, DataforSEO, KeywordSpy and many more to keep an eye on their competitors.

  1. Look at their backlinks

When you have characterized your best SEO competitors, you will need to check their backlink portfolios. Backlinks are profitable because, if the links are reliable they help enhance a site’s domain authority. And if the links are low quality, then search engines can regard them as spam, and your rankings may drop or sometimes even get penalized by Google.

Tools like OpenSiteExplorer can be used to check the backlinks of your competitors. Make a list of the solid ones, what areas these are and afterward do a bit of research about the guidelines of their guest posts.

  1. Analyze their Blog

Blogging is an integral part of any digital marketing service and checking your competitor’s blogs is a crucial marketing strategy. Firstly you need to see that whether your competitor’s blog is uninspiring and is just loaded with keywords or it centers around hot industry topics that endeavor to determine consumer needs. With upgrades in mobile voice search and expansion in smart home searches, content made to address fundamental worries is not only highly ranked but is converted well too.

Keep in mind that a blog serves more purposes than enhancing SEO service. Great content makes more customers, creates brand awareness and differentiates you from the similar businesses in the industry. Find what your competitors are doing well for blogging and look for areas where your site can do well.

  1. Identify your competitors on social media

Social media has been one of the best platforms for marketing for a very long time now. Since 2017 the use of social media has been increased up by 13%. In 2018, the number of social media users is 3.196 billion people. Identifying your competitors present on social media is paramount to achieve your growth goals. Having an established presence at social media helps you improve your access to a targeted audience, gives you the ability to promote your brand’s identity, enhances SEO by generating valuable social signals to your website and draws traffic to your page. In short, social media has a significant influence on every digital marketing service provider in the market.

To have a look at the content of your competitors and to check how they engage with their customers through social media, you can use social mentioning tools like HootSuite. This tool not only allows you to check the workflow of your competitors but also manage your own social media presence more effectively.

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