Content Writing: A Leisure Time Activity To Make Money

content writing

Content writing like any other form of writing requires in depth knowledge and great skill. A content writer can write content on all kinds of topics and for all kinds of organizations. To write an effective content, you should know your customer. The writing will gain acceptance among the audience only if it has something to offer them.

Content writing should be informative and should convey the main theme at the beginning itself because the content writer gets maximum of 15 seconds to grab the visitors attention and 55 seconds to develop an understanding of the assigned company or product. The content or piece of writing that the content writer develops should be clear, simple, concise and easy to read. The content writer should be able to convey information, thoughts, and instructions in short and structured sentences.

Content writing slightly differs from other forms of writing because it follows inverted pyramid style of journalistic writing. The content writer put the most important information first followed by less important ones. If the writer starts with the conclusion, the first few sentences on the web page will contain relevant information and key words. Readers don’t have the patience to read word for word on the web. They just scan the content to get what they are interested in and ignore the rest.

The writer should capable to give a summarized introduction of the whole content of your homepage itself. The writer must use the words that attract and retain the users on your website page. Break the content into a small paragraph and try to limit each paragraph to one main point or idea. And should provide the content with suitable sub-headings and this should be search engine friendly and meaningful.

Each website should have a specific target audience and requires a different level of content. Before creating even a single word, the content writer should know who they are talking and always keep the audience in mind. The writer should try to approach the content with a new angle.

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