Digital Technology is the ultimate hope for the future


digital technology

We exist in the midst of the digital technology era that has transformed the way we study, work, communicate and play. Such a revolution could hardly have been imagined in centuries gone by. It appears simple enough with information processed through a binary code that comprises 0 and 1 that are also called bits or bytes. When did digital technology originate? Only during the last few decades but this communication phenomenon has now overshadowed everything else. Whether it is the television or the computer, telecommunications or printing, they all feed on digital technology.

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, German mathematician of the 17th century, came up with the mathematical idea of a binary computing system. He tried to find out what happens when objects represent in the form of digits? Vast quantities of data representing text and images could be crammed into tiny spaces. That is how the mobile phone, DVD and pen drive function and everybody finds them essential. Even the human mind does find it stressful to process such a vast amount of information. Suffocating as we are with data, we cannot help remembering previous generations that lived carefree lives in comparison.

What existed before the digital breath of fresh air? The analog system represents the changing values and the physical quantities which are continuously variable. In the telecommunications world, the analog signal represents the modification of the base carrier’s alternating current frequency in some way.

Just like the virus that spread like lightning, digital technology has reached the core of our existence. Every aspect of human endeavor has been colonized by the digital world and there is no escape. To some extent it is debatable that whether it is a boon or curse. The main reason is that it is a big boost for the illegal activities like terrorism. However people in the every nook and corner of the world have learned to live and eat digitally.

In our later posts, we will discuss in detail about Digital Technology.


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