DIYs To Make Your Bedroom Ready For Christmas

You, me, and the whole world know. Not so much time left for Christmas. I know you all must have started your Christmas preparation. Because we all know to do lots of work, and we have so very little time. I have started my preparation. In fact, I have almost completed my shopping. Only a few things are left that I will do on the last day. While shopping, I realize the price of things has doubled as a comparison to last year. Especially on decorative items. But it’s Christmas, so we all have to do beautiful decorations in our home. You know, I am one of those people, who loves to decorate the whole home, not the only hall. I am sure so many of you also do these things. But as the price increases, it looks impossible. Then I thought why it’s impossible, we can do lots of DIYs to decorate our home and bedroom. So today, I thought I will share some DIYs for decorating your bedroom. Because the bedroom is the place where you spend a lot of time. And when the bedroom looks beautiful, your mood also becomes good. So I thought, why I will decorate only my bedroom. Let’s decorate together, you and me both, our respective bedrooms.

Calendar muffins

We all know, one of the most popular and traditional things about Christmas is Christmas cakes. But now, the cake you will cut with your home, and the cake in the whole room will look so weird. So I thought, not cake but some DIY can be possible. To decorate your center table of the room with calendar muffins. I mean, make your favorite muffins, and write the number I mean the date on it. Here if you want to decorate it just for Christmas Day. You can write a single letter of Christmas on the muffins. You can write Merry Christmas on the muffins. Whoever will see your center table of the room or where suits in your room, you can keep it. It will be so innovative and beautiful. You can do this with a happy new year cake also. I mean, happy new year muffin you can make.

Tissue roll garland

Garland looks so beautiful when it comes to decoration. If you don’t have a natural flower or you want to keep your garland for at least the new year. In this situation, this will be the perfect DIY. With the use of a tissue roll, you can make a garland. To make your tissue roll garland attractive. You can do one thing. You can hide a small lighting bulb in the garland flower. It will look truly amazing. And to this DIY, you just need a tissue roll, thread, and a pin to do the whole. That’s it, with these your tissues rolled garland is ready. If you don’t want to add light to it, yes it will hardly take 10-15 minutes. It is faster than the order that you have a place for pizza delivery or online cake delivery.

Grass Wreath

Because of any reason, you don’t have flowers to make a wreath. But you want to decorate your home with a wreath. After it’s Christmas, so the wreath is very important in decor. Take some grass from your garden, and finally chop it. Now, take a cartoon, and cut it into a round shape. After this, take some glue and paste it over the cartoon, and sprinkle grass over the cartoon. Just take care of one of the things, it should be evenly sprinkled. So it will look beautiful. Now, keep it somewhere to get dry naturally. So easy, and with zero investment ,natural and green wreath is ready. Now, if you have some flowers left from your hall decoration. You can paste over it after getting dry, it is totally optional.

Ball jar

I think the jar is available in all of us homes, especially in the kitchen. You don’t need to do anything. You just need to put all the silver and other glittery color Christmas decoration balls in the jar. Now, you can keep it on your room side wall, reck or you can hang it also. For hanging, you have to keep it in the lamp. You can use an old aroma candle lamp also.

That’s it for today. All these DIYs will not take more than 15 minutes. But when you will decorate your bedroom by using these DIYs. You will not believe this is your bedroom, and you haven’t spent a single extra penny for doing this. So now go and make your bedroom ready for Christmas.

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