Don’t Have Antivirus Software Don’t Worry!


Looking to shield your PC from spyware and malware? You are on the right page. We will give you some tips and suggestions to help you get the right Antivirus Software to your device.

Having an Antivirus installed on your device is not an option, it is a must. There is a lot of malware ready to target your PC. But the question is what kind of antivirus software should you get? Do you need to pay for it, or is free software fair enough? Is anti-malware software the same as antivirus software? Why are there so many different kinds of antivirus software, even from a single brand? And does using antivirus software pose a risk to computers?

The answers to all of those questions are complicated, but here are some basic tips to look for while shopping around. And don’t forget to check out our top picks for both free and paid antivirus software and apps.


We all want to make sure the antivirus software stops more than 95 percent of malware, whether it’s commonplace malware or brand-new zero-day malware. But also make sure that detection rate isn’t accompanied by a high rate of false positives, which are benign files mistakenly flagged as malware.

Based on monthly testing by the independent labs AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives, Bitdefender, Kaspersky Lab, Norton and Trend Micro offer the best malware detection among Windows, Mac and Android AV products, free or paid, followed closely by Avast and AVG.

Free AV offers good protection, but paid will give you more benefits.

Free antivirus products will protect your machine extremely well from malware. But the paid products tend to have many more extra features, especially on Windows. For example, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus (25.99 on has built-in ransomware protection, a file shredder, a hardened browser for secure surfing and a password manager.

Just bear in mind that you’ll be paying for a yearly subscription to a software license, so factor in paying the same price again next year.

You should look for alight system load.

This is especially important for older, slower PCs that need antivirus software the most. You should select software that will not eat up most of the space of your memory so you’ll not encounter slowness on your device.

Trend Micro lets you fire up a scan from its start screen.

For example, Trend Micro lets you start scans right from the home screen; while Avira lets you fine-tune settings most people have never heard of. Again, read the reviews to get a sense of ease of use.

Try it first before Buying.

There are trial versions available online so before buying the product try it first to check if it is compatible to your device. But of course purchasing an authentic one is far way different from the trial version for you will enjoy the benefits of paid AV Software.

FREE AVG does not include privacy protection or an app locker.

 Don’t pay more than what you need.

Makers sell different kinds of products which are not really necessary for you to purchase. So stick on the most important thing first, which is to get the proper protection to your PC.

Email and Web protection should be considered also

If you want antivirus software that automatically screens email attachments before you open them, and also checks websites before you load them. There paid Windows AV software that does both; among free products, Avast Free Antivirus, AVG AntiVirus Free and Bitdefender Antivirus Free do.

Don’t be contented on what you are using as a Trial.

There are AV Free Trials online which let you use it for one to three months. But you’ll have to start paying when the trial period’s over. Don’t settle on 1 option — instead, shop around. You might be able to get something better for the same price, or even less.

Anti-malware is not AV software.

Malware-removal productsare good at cleaning up a system after an infection. But they won’t stop your PC or Mac from becoming infected in the first place. That’s what antivirus software is intended to do.

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