Educational Precincts can take the lead in combating Global Challenges Such as Climate Change

Educational PrecinctsEducational Precincts are not a new concept. England’s Oxford and MIT in the US are prime examples. There are other examples from parts of the world such as Yogyakarta in Indonesia and Utrecht from the Netherlands. Some of these have a very long and distinguished history of producing leaders and change agents over centuries. Experts are now starting to think that these precincts can now take a lead in educating the next generation of global leaders about global challenges such as climate change.

Most learning organizations around the world are trying to address sustainability in different ways. MIT is partnering with City of Cambridge and Harvard University to create the intellectual capacity required for a sustainable and healthy future. The goal is to create sustainable solutions at a local level before adopting them on a wider scale.

Educationists argue that organizations such as Oxford, MIT, and others need to take a more leadership role in addressing global issues such as climate change and sustainability. They say that addressing some of these issues may require a fundamental shift in the way global business is organized and conducted. They argue that it is very important to manage any change carefully so that they do not produce a disruptive effect on societies. Thus one view is that new leaders coming into the business, political and social leaders need to be taught to think differently. The thinking needs to change from looking at an issue with a narrow focus on a much more broad minded one. The impact to other aspects of society needs to be looked at carefully. So far this holistic approach seems to be lacking in almost every field of human existence. Experts, however, warn of the need of maintaining a balanced approach in addressing these global challenges.

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