In a volatile business environment such as Australia, companies are constantly working towards staying relevant and on top of their game.  They are trying to grow their presence in their area of work by adding value to their company’s brand. And, all of this is only possible when a strong, aware and educated workforce is there to back you.

digital badges

Hence, they make a profound effort to keep their employees stay current with their knowledge of the industry and market trends along with upskilling themselves. This is especially necessary at this date when countries like United States is facing a huge problem of the skills gap, as is with Australia.

For those who do not know, here is what a skills gap mean.

In several industries, there are vacant positions which are waiting to be filled but are still open on account of insufficient people with the right skills to take up those roles. And, these unfilled job positions are characterized by a phenomenon known as ‘Skills Gap’.

The truth is that formal education in Australia is not able to prepare professionals to undertake complex, high skill roles like data analysis and software programming. Today’s business atmosphere is continuously changing and traditional ways of education are not enough to gear up professionals to cope up with these alterations. How do we find a solution to this?

There are countless employers with good, high-paying jobs to offer, but are not able to fill them effectually and there are tons of people in cities such as Sydney and Melbourne who are unemployed or stuck in a monotonous job but aren’t skilled enough to find the desired job. Many top credentialing organizations have tried to solve this issue by providing well-structured professionals credentials.

The Rise of Digital Badges

For e.g., according to the survey made by in 2018 reveals that 84% of workers in the United States think that the skills gap is quite evident. Moreover, around 40% of them feel personally hit by this situation. The figures are more or less similar in Australia as well. So, how can this wide skills gap be filled?

As we are living in the era of digital transformation, it is time for digital badges to change this scenery. The word is out that digital badges are the perfect solution to this widespread dilemma of professionals trying to revamp their career but are chained by their own capabilities. Which makes companies more concerned about their position in the market. It is famous saying that an organization is just as efficient as its people.

Digital badges are inserted with “metadata” like the badge title, date earned, description, recipient, issuer, expiration date along with the particular details related to the work that the recipient submits.  With digital badges coming into the picture, lifelong learners in Australia are able to earn professional credentials from a multitude of top credentialing organization and gather them in digital “backpacks” provided by organizations like Credly, Mozilla and Acclaim.

The unique selling point of badges is that it fosters the concept of lifelong learning. Also, it enables the candidates to learn in disparate environments which shows flexibility and reliability.

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