Find great driving job opportunities in Gulf

Drivers are the life line of Gulf. With tourism becoming the second biggest source of revenue for the country, the demand of drivers has increased many folds. Gulf has a few cities which are visited by thousands of tourists every year and the best source for internal travel are cabs hence the nation has great opportunities for this profession. So, if you are looking for driving jobs in Gulf, then read this article as today we will discuss all the requirements along with the name of companies that offer driving jobs in Gulf and the cities where this job has great scope.

Driving jobs in gulf are easy to find but hard to start as one who wants to settle in these jobs require a valid driving license for which he should be above 18. The country has a special training program for those who want to learn driving and once the training completes the person is allowed to apply for a driving license.

Even freshers may start their career in this profession though the initial salary may be low but later with time as one gets experienced this salary grows with greater percentage. As Gulf has a policy for people to work for 6 days and one who works overtime can make 25% extra over salary.

Now we will be discussing skills and abilities that one may need for driving jobs:

Distant Vision — The capability to watch hindrance that is distant.
Close Vision — The ability to watch hindrance at close distance (within a near vision).
Verbal skills and comprehension — The skill and ability to grasp and understand the spoken and written language to read documents.
Excellent control on machine — The skill to quickly adapt the controls of a car or light trucks or any other vehicle
Body Control — The ability to control body motion for perfect driving.

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With this let us reveal the name of companies that offer driving jobs in gulf:

• Sarjah Transportation
• Cars Taxi
• Arabia Company
• Union Taxi
• National Taxi LLC
• Citi Taxi LLC
• Metro Taxi Company
• AL Arabia Taxi
• Tawsul
• Al Ghazal Transport
• Dubai Taxi Corporation
• Emirates Taxi Workshop

Along with these there are many hotels, companies and citizens who may require private drivers which also is a great opportunity to start a career.
Salary for driving jobs in Dubai:

• In The initial years of career as a Delivery Driver with 1-4 years of work experience the average total salary starts from with inclusion of tips, bonus, and overtime compensation of AED 29,178 this is on basis on 36 salaries.
• An experienced Delivery Driver who has 5-9 years of experience can manage to get an average total salary of AED 3,800 this is on basis of 15 salaries.
• Employees working as Delivery Driver and has almost 10-19 years of experience can make an average total salary of AED 3,500 this is on 6 salaries.

Most organizations in UAE require drivers and hence pay good salaries to them. This way this profession has added to the economy as delivery of goods and transportation of passengers and tourists is the major work for UAE hence if you want to take up driving as a career in UAE get your driving license after training and start your journey.

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