Gardening: A great source of enjoyment


Creating a garden is not too complex. For gardening, you don’t need to have a great plan but just have an enthusiasm. The most beautiful and attractive gardens evolve not from a draw up plan. It needs a seed in your mind to love plants. A garden that produces flowers in all season is not so elementary, especially to those who are beginners in gardening.

Pick a right place for gardening is easy but you have to take care of some simple basics of sunlight, water, fertilizers, and spacing. The most suitable plants for beginners are annuals like cosmos, petunias, hardy begonias, impatiens etc. The annual plants are easy to grow and widely available genus. The annuals need watering two to three times a week. The moist soil will assist the easy growth of annuals.

The perennial plants can live more than two years so careful planning is needed. Perennial flowers are the favorite of every gardener because they offer a wide variety of colors, form, and texture. Some of the perennial plants such as cushion spurge and roses need well-drained soil and minimum six hours of full sun. Whereas some plants such as primroses require plenty of shade and deep humusy soil. The width and spacing of plants are very important.

The beauty of garden depends upon the shape and color of your plants and how they are arranged. Tallest plants place in the back of the border and the shortest plants in the front of the border. For good results, pick out the plants that are well suitable for your zone. Choose a variety of plants from each bloom season to enjoy the beauty of flowers in all season. Choose two to three different varieties of plants together that will bloom at the same season to enhance the beauty of your garden.

Further posts will provide more about environment realities.

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