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Portable Laser Therapy units are quite in demand nowadays. The only reason behind it can be the numbers of patient positively treated using the laser therapy. Usually the treatment is conducted using the normal laser units, however, the demand and the convenience demanded by the patients made the manufacture go for something that would ease up the part of a patient. You can easily get the best of the portable laser therapy units at Medical Bazzar. Just get the one in accordance to your budget. The quality of the product is nothing that you need to worry about. However, before moving to the prices and other stuffs, you must go through the working process of the device and the danger that it brings.


How does Laser Work?

The Laser therapy is something new for India. Well, the Low level Laser Therapy was approved in the United States back in 2002 by the FDA (U.S Food and Drug Administration). Even before that, the laser therapy was well used in countries like Australia, Canada, Europe and some other parts of Asia except India. The effectiveness of lazer, optimum machine specifications and the maximum dosage of it are now being well kept under knowledge due to the RCT (Randomized controlled trails), meta – analyses and systematic literature reviews conducted.

Well, we all know the laser therapy is to reduce pain but the lesser known fact is that the anti-inflammatory effects of the laser therapy is found to be similar to the pharmacological agents (for example – dexamethasone, diclofenac, celecoxib and meloxicam). Apart from it, it was found that the reduction in pain is due to the reduction in oxidation stress, skeletal repair, augmentation of collagen synthesis and improved angiogenesis. It was cleared from the RCT that it was the laser which inhibited transmission at the neuromuscular junction which in turn reduced the pain signalling and nerve firing.  A neck pain can be dealt with easily using the laser therapy and will definitely last for around 3 months or more after the end of the therapy session. Therefore, there is no doubt how the pain reduction is long-lasting.

With the help of the laser therapy improvement in the following things have been seen in the past few years:

  1. Bone Neoformation
  2. Collagen Depositon
  3. Bone Stiffness
  4. Osteoblastic Proliferation
  5. Stimulate Microcirculation
  6. Reduce inflammation in both the synovium and synovial fluid and
  7. Bone Healing.

It should be kept in mind that the laser therapy shouldn’t be done over eyes, reproductive organs or in regions suspected of malignancy. It shouldn’t be used on actively bleeding tissues in patients affected with hemorrhagic disorders. Apart from it, expert practitioners should treat the patient with all the caution possible. All this add up to form how a laser therapy procedure goes on.

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