Great inventions in the field of medical science are expected to reduce the hospitalization expenses

Medical science

Inventions in the field of medical science have always been applauded by the world. However, the increasing cost of diagnostic services and medicines have become a big concern for people across the globe. The excessive usage of antibiotics was restricted by the medical authorities in the recent months. Doctors are not allowed to prescribe antibiotics unless they clearly diagnose and ensure the necessity. This would further increase the cost of medical treatments. However, the medical industry has recently come up with a few devices that can reduce the cost of diagnostic services.

With the rate of diabetic patients increasing day by day, the new ‘Needle-Free Diabetes Care’ would certainly be a great invention. Echo Therapeutics, one of the leading medical research institutes in the world has been researching on Diabetic diagnostic tools. They are all set to launch a new Needle-Free Diabetic diagnosing tool that can read the glucose level in the blood without any blood sample. According to the recent reports, the company has developed a transdermal biosensor that can analyze the blood sugar through the skin. The device would look like a tooth brush and can be attached to the patient’s body during critical stages. The device would keep monitoring the blood sugar and would produce alarms when the sugar level goes up or down. Researchers are also going on to find ways to automatically pump in insulin when the sugar level goes down.

Sapien transcatheter aortic valve is another great invention in the field of medical science. This aortic valve is the best alternative to open-heart surgery. The manufacturer, Edwards Life Sciences says that the valve is produced using a bovine tissue and it’s supported by a stainless-steel stent. The tissue expands when it reaches the blocked area and inflates a small balloon which is placed in the valve. The expansion of the balloon is expected to clear the block. Though the device has been successfully used in many heart care centers in the US, it’s not yet available in Europe and Asian markets.

In our later posts, we will discuss more inventions in the field of medical science.

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