India is dreaming to be a cleanest country in the globe by 2019


Clean India

On Oct 2nd, 2014, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi launched the ‘Clean India’ campaign. Many politicians, film stars, and several celebrities were found on the street to support the campaign. Such an initiative would certainly uplift the value of Indian Societies. Though Oct 2nd is a public holiday, government officials were ordered to come to work and clean their work areas and surroundings. The government officials willingly devoted 100 hours in a year to keep their surroundings clean. The PM himself was found with brooms in hand on Delhi streets to initiate the campaign. The whole country has taken a pledge to gift a clean India to the Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th Birthday on Oct 2nd, 2019.

This is never going to be an easy task unless every citizen in the country takes this mission very seriously. The government is doing everything possible to make the dream of a clean India come true. A Huge amount has been allotted to build public toilets in every corner of the country. PM has ordered to increase the number of sanitation workers in the country.  According to Mr. Modi, clean India is not a mission that can be accomplished by his own or by putting pressure on government officials.  It’s a more serious fight than the struggle for freedom. So, think how you can be a part of this campaign?

Being a responsible citizen, first, you need to say ‘NO’ to plastic. According to surveys, plastic waste contributes up to 40% percent of the waste in the country. So, whenever you go shopping, make sure you have a carry bag in order to avoid bringing plastic covers to home. Assign a few hours in your weekly schedule to clean your surroundings, not only at home but also at your work place. Spread the message of ‘Clean India’ wherever you go and make people aware of this mission.

In our later posts, we will discuss more on how individuals can be a part of Clean India campaign.

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